Ask a Business Coach: What do Recruiters Want?

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Our ongoing series called “Ask the Expert.” 

This week’s question . . .

Q: Now that the economy is improving, I want to begin looking for a new job. What are HR recruiters looking for?

A: Smart employers are looking at the whole applicant, not just their résumés. Internally, companies are using tools like the Predictive Index®, a behavioral assessment that measures an individual’s motivations and needs. The PI helps companies match open positions with applicants who not only have the desired hard skills, but are also a good fit for that office’s corporate culture. Therefore, qualified applicants who have a superior grasp of emotional intelligence will rise to the top, as opposed to those without.

Externally, employers are using social media to scope out potential employees. Just remember, whatever you put on the Internet, someone can find. Even if you have all of your settings at Private, that doesn’t mean an unscrupulous person can’t trick the system. In other words, keep those risqué spring break photos on your hard drive where they belong.

Companies are looking for the very best, the cream of the crop, from day one. If it has been a while since you have searched for a job, be prepared for the process to include a series of steps. HR reps are seeking long-term team members and are frustrated by the job hoppers who switch positions every two or three years. They are also tired of candidates whose first question is “How soon can I get promoted?”

Set your intentions before you begin your search. Decide what you can and cannot deal with and be realistic with yourself about potential positions.

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