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Executive Coaching
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Practice makes perfect | Always keep learning | Shoot for the moon

We preach these ideals but are you living them when it comes to your leadership style? Most of us have settled into complacency and are not living our best lives, professionally speaking. When things are hectic it’s all we can do to stay afloat but when things calm down we simply coast along.

 Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Receive personalized training tailored to your unique needs. Learn to play to strengths you didn’t know you had, and turn your weaknesses into new strengths. Strengthen and grow old muscles while building and flexing new ones.

Team coaching is also a great way to build a powerhouse force of highly emotionally intelligent team members. Working together and supporting one another as a team will become second nature, increasing both moral and efficiency—and profits.

Bonus: Watch turnover plummet when you invest in your employees.

How does Executive Coaching work?

The experienced executive coaches at Premier Rapport teach a five-step course, outlined below.

Discovery via Discussion
The assessment phase of executive coaching, discovery consists of in-depth interviews, developmental feedback with key stakeholders, and proven leadership personality assessments to improve performance and foster teamwork.

By the end of the discovery phase, you will have objectively identified your leadership strengths and weaknesses, created a customized development process, and applied what you’ve learned to your team.

Define via Debriefing

The foundation of your future, this phase is part deep-dive assessment, part definition, and part debriefing. The debriefing is a two-way process between the executive and his or her Premier Rapport coach.

 Executive Coaching

We’ll discuss your results in-depth. It’s important to note that many executives react defensively and to remember that this is completely natural. Coaching may require you to face some of your less-than-attractive habits, and it’s instinctual to want to deny them or defend yourself. Just keep in mind that your coach is here to help transform that behavior into something constructive.

Develop Strategy, Outline Tactics
During this phase, we’ll identify top priorities amongst your developmental needs. It’s important to keep these priorities achievable and reasonable, while still purposeful. Setting milestones you can meet is critical to making progress.

Your Premier Rapport Executive Coach will outline for you the clear benefits of committing to your plan and working towards success. To achieve such results, it’s important that you also understand the consequences of refusing or failing to change. Progress is hard-won but never lost. Stick with it, and reap the benefits.

Deliver Above Expectations
When it’s time to fly, there’s no better way to put your strategic executive development plan into motion than to dive right in. Start practicing your new techniques immediately, I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities in your daily routine.

 Executive Coaching

Document your progress—successes, failures, resistance, and temptations that might derail the developmental process. You’ll continue to meet regularly with your Premier Rapport executive coach to monitor, report, and adjust your strategy as needed.

Drive it Home, Drive Progress
Reassess and refine your approach and daily interactions. Never stop striving for improvement, and always seek excellence for yourself, your team, and your company’s bottom line. Check in with yourself and your action plan daily, make it a routine like coffee. No first-class executive is too busy to skip coffee!

Make the time. It’s worth it. You only get one reputation and one career.

Accelerate your professional development—and that of your team—with Executive Coaching from Premier Rapport business development consulting firm.

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