How Great is Your Company Culture?

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How great is your company culture?

One of the most impactful, influential services you can perform daily is showing up with behaviors and values that are aligned with your company’s mission, vision, values and culture statements. Having real conversations with your team members and living the culture you envisioned. Yes, walking the talk and actions aligned with words.

It’s true!

It can be simple, but we fight it, complain about it, get sucked into the whirlwind of the day, sigh and move on with deeply rooted frustrations that drag us down and our team down.

If you are looking for a competitive edge, a way to establish your passions, your calling, a way to get more all-star players, one of the best, proven paths to success is people involvement. We all want to be seen, valued and heard.

All of us!

It can be both simple and difficult to find and keep our valued employees, as well as help them grow daily. Yes, daily. The tricky part is that there is a lot that goes into a world-class culture of curation strategy and long-term authenticity. Where do you start? How do you find other culture hackers to help you along the way? How do you find the time to stay focused, intentional, moving the needle every step of the way? What do you do once you see the momentum is working and how do you keep it going?

These are great questions and real concerns. These are the types of questions I love to solve. There are many steps to curation, typically starting with a Culture Inquiry. The goal is to build a remarkable (and remarkably effective) communication culture curation strategy that takes new daily routines and forming long-lasting habits from individual hackers into fully developed curators and permit culture existence.

Culture does matter

Great company cultures do exist and can exist in companies of all shapes and sizes. If you didn’t care about your company’s culture, you wouldn’t be reading this post now. If you didn’t have hope that the culture you envisioned can exist, you wouldn’t still be reading. You know the stronger the culture, the higher the profits. Why, because you know profits are yield by people. People who are engaged, effective, efficient, innovate, creative and passionate about what they do. When they are all those things, sales increase and so do profits. Everyone wins the owner, the board, the employees, and the customers.

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