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A Little Less Las Vegas

The hard working employees of Human Resources are responsible for managing the most important and unpredictable asset of any business: the people. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the hiring and onboarding process for most companies.

Put out the call, review applicants, conduct interviews, make a decision—but is it the right one? Any selection is a gamble, and your company may lose valuable time and money spent training, certifying, and even relocating employees … only to have them leave within six months to a year. Worse, they may remain and negatively affect overall morale and productivity.

Faced with the grim prospect of having lost it all in a roll of the dice, why not try a different approach?

Be confident in your hiring decisions, and retain top talent with ease, by utilizing the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. Different from a test or personality quiz, the PI unlocks the potential, work ethic, and communication style of potential (or current) employees.

As the President of Premier Rapport, Shelley Smith (that’s me!) uses the results from the PI assessment to help companies identify a good fit—both professionally and personally. By bringing a scientific component to a traditionally subjective process, the PI minimizes the risk to you as the HR professional, as well as the company overall.

PI In Action

After administering the PI, I sit down with managers to review their biggest challenges, pain points, and common issues. Typically, each and every complaint stems from a lack of understanding of how to work together.

As we begin to work through the results from your company’s PI assessment, prepare to be utterly amazed by the accuracy—I don’t say this to be cocky, I say it because I’ve seen it time and again. Employers jokingly ask if I’ve been spying on the office for weeks; how else could I possibly know the rate of speed at which one employee works, or that a certain two managers are constantly butting heads over administrative duties?

The Predictive Index is uncannily accurate, and nearly invaluable when it comes to improving your workplace efficiency, morale, and employee retention rate. By flipping the Golden Rule, the PI shows how others would like to be treated.

It’s no secret that we are complex beings, encouraged or dissuaded by different motivations. What if you had a cheat sheet describing precisely how to get the best work out of your teams? You CAN.

By taking a step back from our own internal motivations, pressures, and styles of communication and instead focusing on the other person, management will reap huge rewards internally. My job is to train managers and staff members in small groups, keeping the data bite-size to avoid overwhelming anyone. I’ll ask who, within your department or organization, you would like to communicate with better, and then we work through it together.

Set yourself aside, and consider the enormous returns available when you truly understand the motivations, needs, and communication styles of other people, particularly your employees and coworkers.

My name is Shelley Smith, and I’d love to help you, your managers, and your employees to work better together. When you’re ready to invest in success, you know who to call.

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I look forward to collaborating with you soon.

Shelley Smith