If the Economy Is Improving, What about Your Talent Pool?

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image by Sara Frantzman

image by Sara Frantzman

As our economy continues to show positive signs of improvement and employees begin to build back their confidence and security in themselves and their companies, they may begin to look at other employment or career options.  That means some companies may begin to feel those affects and run the risk of losing their high potentials to the competition. In some cases that includes those identified as high potentials for future executive positions and key positions with in the company.

What can be done? Today’s employees, of all generations, have growing expectations from their employers with regards to training and continued overall development in their chosen careers and personal lives as a whole.

Companies looking ahead and planning accordingly, companies such as ECPI University, B. F. Saul Company, ASB Real Estate Investments, Witt Mares, Nexus Direct, and American Retirement Homes have been focusing on their employees and the future of their companies from hiring and selection, to ongoing talent management, change management and strategic growth. Their success stories and overall key measurements may vary based on their overall goals, but their understanding and desire to ensure the right team members are in the right positions remain the same.

The importance of understanding, passion and communication. Kenneth Kovach, Senior Vice President of Human Resources with B. F. Saul Company & Saul Centers out of Bethesda, MD, stays in tune with both his tenured employees and those newly employed.  Ken’s communication style and connectivity with others, along with his true passion to ensure not only the company looks good and continues to grow, are key to helping him understand the company’s success is truly derived from its people. Ken and the B. F. Saul Companies have – and continue to seek – employees with the natural drives to fit in the right position at all times. Ken strives to continually educate and communicate with common language, a consistent system of core values, and a competency rating system that embraces excellence, ethics, teamwork, and results, just to name a few.

Formula for Success

  • Understand your team, as well as their natural drives and talents at all times
  • Understand the needs for each open position, existing teams, and existing leaders
  • Seek feedback and encourage continued open communication by providing an open forum, as well as task force discussion opportunities
  • Look ahead at all times, at least five years for succession planning
  • Understand and development the current needs of your workforce and offer options for their continued professional and personal growth
  • Build relationships, and the right types of communication happen naturally

Kenneth Kovach and B. F. Saul Companies, we thank you for your passion, continued support and understanding of succession planning and Talent Development, as well as the use of the Predictive Index as a valuable tool within an entire company.

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