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You may or may not be familiar with me—my name is Shelley Smith and I am a Culture Curator.  When companies realize they have a systemic issue that needs a true fix—a curation—they call me.

Company culture, workforce retention, and employee engagement are all key factors in the success of any business. Leadership may come with power, but in order to do a good job a true leader accepts assistance in the form of tools, resources, and advice. That is what I offer.

Some are born leaders and anyone can learn. Develop and hone your skills overtime, building and flexing your leadership muscles, with help from the Culture Curators.

By joining us, you’re doing the best possible thing for your company, culture, and employees. Receive monthly tips, trends, and downloads. Gain access to my presentations from private keynote speeches, podcasts on which I’m featured, and videos of on-the-scene advice, observations, and more. My strategic partners provide their expert tip sheets, resources and advice as well. Dive deeper into human resources, career coaching, branding, recruitment, and more.

Shelley Smith

A few of the benefits:

  • Access to the Turnover Calculator
  • Access to the ROI Calculator
  • Access to the Employer Tip Sheets
  • Access to the video library & monthly webinars
  • Predictive Index Behavior & Cognitive Assessment
  • Access to Q&A on a private Facebook group (always live)
  • Copy of my latest book: How to Avoid Culture Big Fat Failures (BFF)
  • Daily online networking with fellow Curators
  • Featured call-in: 30 minutes, 1:1 via Phone, Facetime, or Zoom call
  • Career Coaching by Kaila Kea for employers
  • Ongoing resources including new apps, tools, and articles

Join Now & start curating your culture with intent.