Navigating Workplace Romances – Feature on The Hampton Roads Show

Shelley SmithBlog

When we spend so much time at work it’s easy to see how personal and professional lives can overlap in the form of an office romance. Here’s how to navigate romance in the workplace.

Policies for employees:

  1. What are the rules? Check the employee handbook.
  2. Disclose your dating/romance situation with the appropriate HR officials
  3. If it gets serious, it may be time for someone to fins another job.
  4. Don’t date your supervisor.
  5. Don’t be obvious & don’t try to hide your romance.

Policies for the companies:

  1. Ensure that there are no “grey areas” in your workplace policies.
  2. Be open and transparent about your policy. It’s better to have a policy that dating in the workplace is okay since more than likely romance in workplace will occur.
  3. Have workplace romance “documents” to ensure all parties are kept safe in regards to liability.

Watch the video on the Hampton Roads show here.