Networking Part 4 Q&A Ask a Trusted Advisor

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ShelleyHere’s the final post on networking . . . for now. Unless you send me more questions! You know I love answering questions, especially about that scary thing called NETWORKING.

Q: I get so energized from speaking with others at a networking event that sometimes I find the rest of my day is shot because I can’t focus on work. What can I do to get my mind back on track?

A: After a big event when I have lots of thoughts swimming in my head, I have to find a way to get it all out of my brain. Whether you prefer unwinding solo or with a buddy, here are several tips to help you harness and process all of that great energy.

  • Write down all of your thoughts in bullet points. Don’t worry about order of importance or writing in complete sentences. Just unload.
  • Upload new contacts to your e-mail or connect with them on LinkedIn.
  • Write thank-you e-mail messages and schedule them to go out the next morning.
  • Make notes in your calendar about the day’s activities and events.
  • Write a blog! Put all that energy to good use and capture the excitement and ideas swirling around in your mind. Save it as a draft and make a note to revisit it the next day for proofreading and revisions.
  • Switch gears and calm your mind by reading something you enjoy that’s not business-related, such as the latest novel you downloaded on your Kindle.
  • Record your thoughts. Personal journals are a great way for you to preserve your thoughts and reactions so you can look back and reflect on them later.
  • Use Periscope or a similar online service to record a video to showcase your excitement about the event. Talk about something you learned or a great new connection you made and share it with the world.
  • Grab someone else at the event who is just as invigorated by the proceedings to swap thoughts and ideas.

How NOT to network…30 seconds enjoy

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