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It’s no secret that our environment directly affects our mood, so it stands to reason that our economy directly affects our perspective. As the economy shifts, so do our moods about our current career paths, our places of employment, and our other options. Whether from professional confidence or financial instability, these days, everyone is “looking.”

With a corporate climate which is in constant flux, the challenge becomes not only finding top talent, but retaining it. High potentials require grooming and training for future executive positions in the company, but they’re in high demand. When every competitor is a competitor for talent as well as clients, what can your company possibly offer to attract the major players?

Of all generations, today’s expects by far the most of their employers: personal & professional job satisfaction, growth & training opportunities, the standard benefits & PTO, and more—people these days want to love their work, and they want their work to love them back with incentives such as paternity leave, flexible hours, and office snacks.

Find Talent & Train It

Companies that are looking to the future have been focused on cultivating quality teams for years—from hiring and selection to ongoing talent management and strategic growth. Goals, measurements, and results may vary, but the tactic of getting the right people in the right seats remains the same.

A few companies focused on the future:

Feel Passion & Communicate It

Connectivity, communication, and authenticity are vital when it comes to remaining tuned in to your team. By taking the time to cultivate and maintain real relationships with employees, true leaders demonstrate that they care about more than the company growth—they care about the personal & professional journey of the people.

Kenneth Kovach, Sr VP of HR at B.F. Saul, recognizes the importance of passion, communication, and people. Because he understands that productivity is at an all-time high when personal & professional strengths align, he consistently seeks hires who fit the company, culture, and position. The Predictive Index is a scientific method of identifying precisely what Kovach seeks—the right fit.

Put It Into Motion

Premier Rapport would like to thank Kenneth Kovach and the team at B.F. Saul for their passion, understanding, and continued use of the Predictive Index, as well as our Succession Planning and Talent Development services. Now it’s your turn to follow their example:

  • Take the time to truly understand your team (natural drives, talents, preferences)
  • Dive deep into learning the needs and requirements for every open position, as well as the existing teams and leaders
  • Invest in the talents, motivators, and growth of your workforce, and offer options for their continued personal & professional improvement
  • Encourage feedback and open communication—especially amongst leadership—by providing an open forum and discussion opportunities
  • Focus on the future—where will you be in five years? Who is in charge? How are they doing?
  • Build relationships founded on mutual respect, and the rest will come naturally
    • Remember that trust must be earned, so don’t assume you have it already!

Learn & Grow

Just like the talent pool you’re fishing and stocking, it’s crucial to learn and grow as a leader, as a company, and as a person. Keep working on yourself, and always seek knowledge and improvement. Find what works and repeat it—just like Kovach and the PI.  

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