Colin Alexander Taylor

Shelley Smith

March 8, 2011, Colin Alexander was with another company when working with Shelley at Pink Sky, Inc

There's something to be said about clarity, commitment and persistence, especially in today's over-saturated business environment.

Some professionals and businesses have a tendency to approach things seeking volume and fast profits at their clients expense as opposed to high value and high touch client experiences crafted around a clear understanding of the client's needs and wants.

Shelley finds herself in the latter category. Since I've known her, not only has she gone above and beyond in anything she's delivered, but she has an authenticity that I sincerely appreciate.

If you or someone you know is seeking business coaching because you know that measurable improvements in the way you run your business has a direct correlation to your desired lifestyle, I recommend that you contact Shelley as soon as possible. Your authority is in your action, contact her today.