These Are The Most Resilient Jobs During The Pandemic In 2021

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Guest Post: Maria Elena Gonzalez is a broadcast journalist and has been working as a tech writer for almost three years. During this time, her work has been published by companies like TechAccute, Trip University, and Entrepreneur.




Most businesses had to make adjustments to their daily operations because of Covid-19. They needed to find a way to keep their economic activities up-to-date without spreading the virus. That’s why many people started to work from home.


However, not all employees were able to continue with their operations from home. Their jobs required physical interactions. Therefore, many workers were temporarily or permanently laid off. 


The best thing we can do in situations like this is to be resilient and find innovative solutions. That’s why many people started working in different professions to cope with the situation. Here are some of the most resilient jobs during the pandemic:


Mobile Development


Many professionals had to stop working during the pandemic, but the tech community was excluded from this trend. Most tech workers were already working from home even before the pandemic. According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of employees working from home has increased by up to 140% since 2005. A significant percentage of them were part of the tech community. 


Mobile developers were able to keep up with their day-to-day activities. They usually work from home, and their role was extremely relevant during the pandemic. Most companies were handling their operations through mobile apps, restaurants, retail, and even healthcare. 


The telemedicine trend went up during the first period of the pandemic. According to the Center for Disease Control, telemedicine apps’ use increased from 68% to 73%. Mobile developers were the ones in charge of developing and maintaining these apps. 


Digital Marketing


Marketing never stops, not even in the middle of a pandemic. Digital marketing was at its peak during the first months of the Covid-19 attack. Companies needed to find creative ways to sell their products and stay afloat. 


Just picture this: during the first months of 2020, most countries implemented a quarantine. This means that everybody has to stay home all day, which results in increased mobile use. Social media was our distraction, communication system, and the place where we ordered food and supplies. 


According to a recent Deloitte report, social media use increased during the pandemic. Therefore, the demand for digital marketers also grew. That’s why this has become one of the most resilient jobs during the pandemic and might continue to be so in 2021. 


Web Development


E-commerce increased radically during quarantine. Everybody was doing online shopping since they weren’t able to go out. This means that companies were investing more in web development. According to an Oberlo report, e-commerce increased by up to 64%.


Web developers experienced a high demand during the pandemic for this reason. According to MaxBurst, web developers and cybersecurity engineers were highly in-demand during quarantine, particularly those who worked with shopping interfaces. 


Developers with experience in e-commerce platforms and interfaces could cope with the situation and find exciting job opportunities during the pandemic. Even in 2021, they will continue to be in demand due to the significant increase in e-commerce transactions.


Financial Services


Financial advisors, accountants, and data scientists were also some of the professionals who thrived during the Covid-19 economic disaster. Companies that stayed afloat needed to have financial services to make sure everything was right on track. 


Just like marketing, finances never stop. The financial industry was able to continue providing services despite the pandemic. In the end, all they need is their skills, laptop, and financial software. Many companies are currently working with cloud servers so they can share relevant data online. Financial advisors and managers were crucial in the economy because they helped companies survive during the pandemic. 


Supply Services


Another key element during the pandemic was the delivery industry. Everybody was using delivery services for their purchases. That’s why supply services became highly in-demand during the pandemic. Thanks to the supply chain, we could buy groceries, supplies, and even pharmacy products without leaving our house. This helped society to avoid spreading the virus and stay safe.




Regardless of the pandemic, some professionals could keep their jobs and stay afloat. Although there was a significant number of layoffs during the first months of the pandemic, people were able to find innovative ways to make money and stay active. Besides, most of these jobs were a relevant factor to keep the economy going during Covid-19.