Week 3 Ask a Business Coach: Freelancer Q&A

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Week four on the blog addressing questions especially for freelancers, to arm them with the knowledge they need to succeed from your business coach.

Q: A potential client wants to work with me, but I don’t want the project. How do I turn him down without making myself look bad?

A: Your personal brand is everything, and you are wise to want to protect it. Misaligning your business to the wrong client or the wrong job could be damaging in the long run.

Value alignment is important. Don’t dismiss your values or your vision of an ideal client just to make a buck. Saying no isn’t always easy, but it is better than leading someone on or misleading them entirely if you have no intentions of taking them on as a client.

I value being authentic and transparent. I have found others value that, too. A short and honest answer is best for all involved. If you aren’t jazzed about the project or the client, then make a referral. No need to go into details. Simply tell the other person you don’t think you can provide what they are looking for, but that you know someone who can. The client will get a link to the resources he needs, a colleague will get the chance at a new project, and you will look like a hero.

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