What Does Accountability Look Like?

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For companies of all sizes, a strong sense of accountability can play a big factor in building a healthy, engaged culture. When employees feel that others are held accountable for their actions, they are more motivated by a sense of equity, fairness, and justice, knowing that performance matters. Beyond more engaged employees, accountability means the organization runs better because decisions get made, actions are taken, and there is clear ownership for success and failure all the way to the top. But establishing accountability isn’t easy to master. It takes a lot of courage, discipline, and modesty to admit to failure, accept the blame, acknowledge mistakes, and deal with poor performance.

Ultimately, a culture of accountability is about the behavior of the leaders at the very top of the organization. And while most senior business leaders can talk the accountability talk, there are many who struggle or even fail to walk the walk. In the full blog below are seven tell-tale signs that accountability issues may be brewing at your organization, courtesy of PI Worldwide  Let’s take a deeper look.

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7 tell tale signs of accountability issues