Your Permission Letter That Will Lead to More Profit

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Dear owner, manager, the board of directors,

As we both know, culture is no longer an HR priority; it’s a business priority.

Companies are using culture as a competitive advantage including our competitors, and we simply can’t afford to forget about our culture or just check off boxes, as if we have fixed it vs. curating it.

Fortunately for us, there is a membership I would like you to become a part of – Culture Curators in Conversation. Below explains a little more about the membership itself.

Culture Curators in Conversation Membership is an elite community with utterly driven owners, executives and culture champions across the world. The membership will provide us with needed resources to curate the company culture we have always envisioned.

Unlike events, the membership works the way we do…showing up DAILY, with a determination that doesn’t stop, a passion that keeps us FOCUSED, and INSPIRED to yield us RESULTS.

The membership focuses on actionable insights and strategies that we can immediately apply.

The benefits and features include:

  1. Live and recorded webinars on behavioral needs and motivations
  2. Various resources, tips sheets, checklists, such as ROI Turnover and Engagement Calculator, Career Tip Sheets and more
  3. Ongoing daily access to experts to answer question and answers, live and online chats in private groups via LinkedIn and Facebook.
  4. Private call-in days monthly to the Culture Curator herself. She has spent close to 4 decades refining her passion, her craft, her jam with all things company culture related. You can find more about her at
  5. A copy of her e-books, and the latest published book How to Avoid Culture Big Fat Failures (BFF)
  6. As a member, you can also receive discounts on all the services provided through her business consulting firm,
  7. And there’s more…

This is far more than lawsuit prevention, it goes beyond turnover, into retention, curation, and profit. All of this is just a little over a $1 a day for the annual membership.

What if just one of the ideas, tips, resources, conversations from this membership helps us create more retention, profit, save one of our high potentials in our business? Or allows you to show up with more purpose and more passion in your roles. (Which, of course, will lead to more profit.)

This is a no-brainer, no risk, a HECK YES, I must join this. One technique learned within the walls of this membership could free up time – every single week to focus on your strategic plan. Turn conversations like turnover, into retention, and into company growth.

The possibilities are exciting. So I am asking you to support me and others in our organization to join now.

Signed – Sincerely,

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