We give it to you straight

Premier Rapport strives for honesty, authenticity, and productivity. We may be direct in regards to your business, but we’re here to find and fix issues! We know we’ve done our jobs correctly if we’ve challenged yet also inspired our clients.

Motivation is key

While it is impossible to force someone to desire self-improvement or growth, Premier Rapport knows there are other ways to motivate and stimulate employees. By providing an engaging, empowering workplace and rewarding hard work, you can create a culture of transformative positivity and efficiency. Happy employees work harder; it’s true.

Return on investment (ROI)

By implementing changes, processes, and practices to support and encourage employees, you’ll find the greatest ROI possible—a highly-productive, seamlessly integrated, and smoothly-operated company delivering quality results to your customers. Safeguard your livelihood by identifying and resolving key internal issues before they blow up.

Why Leadership Development

Premier Rapport offers Executive Leadership Coaching for individuals as well as groups. Our goal is always to help your company establish the right processes and hire the right people, focusing on growth and sustainability.

Who Is a Good Candidate?
Executive professionals & emerging leaders

What is the Goal?
Enhance leadership skills & gain new insights

Leadership Development Description:
An experienced Premier Rapport Leadership Development Coach provides personal training, support, and advice in our four-step process.

  • Match: We select the best coach for your needs, lifestyle, experience, & pace
  • Assess: Define clear leadership goals for your Agreement Letter
  • Coach: Meet weekly for six months for confidential, action-oriented coaching discussions. Walk away with leadership strategies, tools, skills, and best practices for immediate application (personally & professionally).
  • Evaluate: Together we will create Progress Reports to measure your success against your original goals and outline next steps.

Measurable Results:
Elevate your performance & that of your company, with Leadership Development coaching:

  • Maximize everyone’s time by staying focused & remaining committed with a series of Executive Leadership coaching sessions, which we refer to as a “quick hit.”
  • Sharpen existing leadership skills & develop new ones.
  • Develop new strategies for becoming more productive & innovative.
  • See immediate results, by practicing your new skills in everyday situations.

Why Leadership Development Coaching

For help addressing long-range strategic issues—personal & professional—call or fill out the form below, to get in touch with Premier Rapport.

360 Feedback
Also known as multi-rater or multi-source feedback, this process enables the individual, team, or group to receive targeted feedback from peers, subordinates, and supervisors, as well as conducting a self-assessment for comparison. The results will paint a powerful and compelling portrait which we can sue for a development and training plan or as part of an Executive Coaching process.

Intelligence Measurements
By specifically evaluating verbal acuity, mathematics, and spatial relationships, we analyze basic intelligence and problem-solving abilities to provide indicators of an individual’s capacity to cope with challenging situations.

Leadership Skills We’ll Develop & Tools We’ll Use Along the Way:

Talent Management
  • Right Person, Right Role
Organizational Development
  • Identify and Develop Leaders
  • Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Succession Planning & Promotion
Sales Performance
  • Sales Assessment
  • Sales Force Development
  • Sales Training
Predictive Index System
  • PI Assessment Tool
  • PRO (Job) Survey
  • PI Workshop
  • Small Business Solutions
Selling Skills Assessment
Customer-Focused Selling
  • CFS Sales Training
  • Train the Trainer Program
GSA Government Solutions
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