Click Play Below To Listen To A Special Message I Have For You!

I'm glad you decided to listen to this orientation audio…

My name is Shelley Smith and I’m here to remind you that you’ve set an appointment with me to meet during our live Discovery Session.

The intention of this message is to prepare you to do your part to maximize impact from the 60-minutes we’re about to share together.

This may sound surprising, but my intention is to make our Discovery Session one of the most important meetings you’ve ever experienced.

As we work through the I.M.PA.C.T. Leadership™ model together, you’re going to get actionable strategies that honestly transform work environments with the support and systems to see it through.

With these practical, doable and outcome driven suggestions you’ll be on your way to becoming the Curator of Leadership Culture in your organization!

3 Words Worth Remembering

1) Commitment.

I believe commitment produces passion. Passion doesn't produce commitment. First you need the wood then you have the fire.

During your Discovery Session, we’ll talk about commitment and what it means in the context using the I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership™ model.

Look, you may have scheduled your discovery session a while ago. Maybe you're thinking twice about attending. If you can’t attend, please let me know. Everyone’s time is precious.

How Committed Are You?

Please be committed to show up. There’s no accident that you’re listening this video right now.

Perhaps unseen forces have conspired to tip the scales in your favor so you’re finally given a clear path towards aligning organizational capability with the business strategy so that it significantly impact business results.

2) Engagement.

Now there’s a word! You’re engaged with me right now and I will be equally engaged with you during our time together.

Nothing is more important to me than having committed clients who stay engaged.

I believe disengagement is at a crisis level in business and personal life.

Why? Because we’re in an over-communicated and over-marketed society and it’s not getting any better.

Tell Us, If You Can’t Attend

If you can’t make the session, then please let us know as a courtesy because again everyone’s time is precious and I want to ensure there is time on the calendar for every business leader who wants to take advantage of their Discovery Session.

Engagement is what I want to teach you.

Engagement is about much more than just attracting great candidates and keeping them.

Ongoing engagement is about increasing the success of the organization by improving decisions that depend on, or impact people.

And Engagement is what I'm going to ask of you because it's just more fun.

If you’re with me so far, keep reading …

3) Decision.

This word is perhaps the most important of the three.

Your decision to show-up is critical to wild success as a business owner, executive or entrepreneur.

Bad business is always a result of bad decisions.

You’ve probably heard of quotations that 80% or even 90% of success is just “showing-up.”

I don't know what success percentage is attached to “showing-up” ... but I do know this:

“Deciding” Means “Showing-Up”

Look, you’ve made a decision to show-up, so once you show-up, it means "you’re 100% committed" to doing what you say you’ll do.

Why Take This Seriously?

I'm taking this Discovery Call with you seriously and I do expect you to do the same with me.

Remember the 3 words we just covered? Commitment. Engagement. Decision.

I’m committing 60 minutes of my time to get you on track with the I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership™ model so your team stays committed, engaged and constantly moving forward designing outcomes that yield higher returns while creating a strong leadership culture in your organization!

Why am I committed?

Because I have mounds of unquestionable proof in Case Studies that I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership™ works and will work for you too.

Everything Is A Mirror

The #1 reason why most owners and executives don’t get high Employee Engagement and quantifiable ROI is lack of understanding of what to measure, how to measure, and how to use the data to turn talent management into an instrument of business transformation that advances strategy.

So over and over you get lost in the daily whirlwind of survival taking over.

Disengagement is real. It happens all the time. It’s all around you on many different levels.

We’re about to put a stop to that during your Discovery Session!

This call is a discussion of what is happening in your world, in your environment and how you can use the I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership™ model to get you on track and keep you focused moving forward.

When you join me in your live Discovery Session we will come up with some quick action steps to immediately help you navigate this ever-changing world of work.

It will include fresh takes on time-tested approaches as well as new paths to engaging a technology-savvy, increasingly diverse workforce and sometimes geographically dispersed workforce.

And yes regardless of your decision to move forward or not I will follow up as promised to aid you in accountability of your chosen action steps.

Shelley Smith