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Premier Rapport’s business consulting services magnetize, optimize, and prioritize your company’s success. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or working professional; whether you have a startup, established, or mature business, Premier Rapport has something to teach you.

By taking a holistic approach to a company’s unique pain points, we understand the problem and how it can be transformed into an opportunity. We see how it relates to other facets of the business as well as how to break the cycle and begin new ones. We are ultimately able to council, advise, and guide senior leadership to take strategic action moving forward.

We’ve found that this approach consistently produces a greater outcome, when backed by the appropriate and collective time and effort of the company. We hope that you feel inspired to do what's best for your company & join our community of culture curators.

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Whether you know exactly where your organization needs help or you’d like a culture analysis, predictive index assessment, or leadership coaching session to pinpoint areas for improvement, we’re excited to work with you.

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Invest in the overall health of your organization,
team, and individuals.

Leadership & Workshops

  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Development
  • Employee Management
    & Retention
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Momentum

Predictive Index Hiring

  • Hiring and Selection
  • Behaviors and Motivational Needs
  • Sales Growth
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning

Executive Coaching

  • Personal & Professional
  • Teamwork & Team Building
  • Communication
  • Leadership vs. Management


Maximize the strengths of yourself, your teams,
and your organization, by investing in success.

Leadership Development

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If your website knows your company values and mission statement but your employees don’t, call Shelley Smith at Premier Rapport.

People create culture. People drive progress. It all starts with the culture.

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