LTD Hospitality
Edward Denton
July 9, 2008, Edward worked indirectly for Shelley at LTD Management Company

Shelley is to be commended for her leadership of LTD Management during a time of tremendous growth from a small, localized franchisee of mid-scale properties, to one with a regional presence operating upscale hotels under all the major brand flags. Although I haven't had the opportunity to work directly with Shelley, it is obvious that her leadership style is one that builds loyalty and trust from subordinates, many of whom enjoyed a blossoming career under Shelley's guidance.

The Home Depot
David Gorman, District Human Resources Manager, The Home Depot

Shelley, thank you again for speaking last week. You did a phenomenal job!

Gail Claydon, President of Exhibit Marketing Solutions

Shelley Is a spark of inspiration whenever, wherever she speaks to women in all stages of their business oriented lives!

PM Services
Daniel Berg

I had the pleasure of spending a few days working with Shelly mapping a strategic plan for our organization. The outcome was beyond what myself and our C suite had hoped for; we plan on bringing Shelly back for more training in the near future. Shelly is a great listener and seasoned communicator who is well versed in employee engagement and coaching.

Kim loftanb
Kim Loftin

I wanted you to know that everyone around me today at the meeting said that (Shelley is awesome!) off and on throughout the entire meeting and that’s something that you should know about! You truly are great and we are all so lucky to have you as one of our friends and business partners! Thank you for everything!

Bob Fitzgerald

Shelley Smith, owner of Premier Rapport, facilitated a Leadership Class with my team of Marriott managers. The discussion focused on Communication and Accountability. Because of Ms. Smith’s history and experience as both a General Manager and Owner, my GMs could relate to her stories, examples and best practices. She was extremely credible and could empathize where she needed to but also pressed on when making a point. There was good flow and she kept the managers' interest throughout the entire meeting. My team left smarter, felt engaged and motivated at the conclusion of her session. I highly recommend Shelley to facilitate any type of class for any company or group who is looking to raise their level of Leadership. Mission accomplished and job well done!

Clancy & Theys Construction
Holly McGuire, Office Manager, Clancy & Theys Construction Company
Hampton Inn
Vibha Madan, Director of Sales, Hampton Inn

Dear Shelley,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday ! It gave me food for thought and your presentation skills inspire me to follow!

Saul Center Inc
Ken Kovach
SVP of HR, B.F. Saul Companies & Saul Center Inc.

I am always impressed by the understanding that Shelley has of our culture and the leadership/development needs throughout our organization. Shelley is very quick to connect and offer processes that assist in our strategy development as we continue to move our talent management programs forward.

shelley smith leadership guru
Christopher P. Neck

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." With these words in mind, I highly recommend Premier Rapport for anyone who is looking to improve their own personal productivity or the productivity of their organization. Shelley Smith will not only give you the information you need to increase the positive results for you and your business--but she more importantly teaches and empowers you to use this information on your own for lifelong enhanced performance. You will not regret utilizing Premier Rapport's unique blend of expertise and superior customer service.

Colin Alexander Taylor
March 8, 2011, Colin Alexander was with another company when working with Shelley at Pink Sky, Inc

There's something to be said about clarity, commitment and persistence, especially in today's over-saturated business environment.

Some professionals and businesses have a tendency to approach things seeking volume and fast profits at their clients expense as opposed to high value and high touch client experiences crafted around a clear understanding of the client's needs and wants.

Shelley finds herself in the latter category. Since I've known her, not only has she gone above and beyond in anything she's delivered, but she has an authenticity that I sincerely appreciate.

If you or someone you know is seeking business coaching because you know that measurable improvements in the way you run your business has a direct correlation to your desired lifestyle, I recommend that you contact Shelley as soon as possible. Your authority is in your action, contact her today.

Gail Kent

Shelley Smith is one of the finest professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She brings a wealth of business acumen to her clients and knows how to motivate and inspire leadership. I was a bit skeptical initially about working with a business coach, but she has brought incredible value to my business by helping me focus on the things I need to do and cheering me on when I need support. I can't say enough good things about Shelley.

Martha Cusick Eddy
March 9, 2011, Martha was with another company when working with Shelley at Pink Sky, Inc

Shelley is an amazing business woman, with spot-on business acumen, an innate ability to help business owners focus on what matters most in achieving their goals, and a contagious enthusiasm that lifts up everyone around her and enables them to achieve more than they might have ever thought possible. Shelley is a total pro at what she does - but she never stops striving to be better. And she drives other business owners to do the same. Shelley has inspired me to do more with my own business and I know she has done - and will continue to do - the same for many others who have the good fortune to work with her. Shelley's personality fills the room when she walks in - working with her will not only deliver results, but you'll have a ton of fun, too! I wholeheartedly endorse her and recommend her to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.

Renee Sawyer
February 17, 2012, Renee worked indirectly for Shelley at LTD Management Company

Working for Shelley was a privilege. I had a huge amount of respect for her, her innovation, her honesty, and integrity. I valued our working relationship, knowing that if I needed to improve on something, Shelley would tell me. That enabled me to become a better manager and improve on my day to day processes. Thank you Shelley.

LTD Hospitality
Kimberly Schlick

Shelley has a tremendous acumen for all business strategies. She is a well rounded professional with many assets in upper managerial functions and business development. Her expertise levels are profound in revenues, operations, profitability, customer and associate satisfaction.

HMP Properties
Aleena Ward
August 3, 2010, Aleena reported to Shelley at HMP Properties

In the short time I worked with Shelley she was an inspiration and great example to me. Shelley is not only a great manager but a great person over all. I could always count on Shelley to be professional, handle tense situation smoothly, and always a 'straight shooter' (for lack of a better term). She has an amazing work ethic and is extremely dedicated to the cause. She will be greatly missed.

Ron Curnutt
December 28, 2010, Ron worked with Shelley at Pink Sky, Inc

Shelly is one of the most "super-fantastic" people I have ever had the privilege to work with. Her energy is contagious and her dedication and sincerity are unmatched.

My only regret is that I am not in the Norfolk-Newport News area to take advantage of her business skills and counsel. If you have a business to grow, and you want to get there fast (and have fun in the process), I recommend you talk to Shelly-and tell her I said hi when you do.

Peninsula Women's Network
Susan Levy
March 8, 2011, Susan was with another company when working with Shelley at Pink Sky, Inc

Shelley is an awesome committee member and friend! We are both on Peninsula Women's Network Program Committee and Shelley has great ideas and follows through! I look forward to working with her at our PWN Board Retreat this summer!

shelley smith leadership guru
Scott Nuttall
March 8, 2011, Scott worked directly with Shelley at Pink Sky, Inc

Shelley is a business minded facilitator that knows what it takes to move any of her business members forward. I believe that she can help any member achieve their personal and business visions through her facilitation of meetings and the private coaching sessions she provides.

Julie Wysong
March 8, 2011, Julie reported to Shelley at Pink Sky, Inc

I had the pleasure of working for Shelley at HMP Properties. She was incredibly knowledgeable in her position as sales director. She was always very willing to help me out and make my life a little more manageable in my position and was always open to answering any questions that I had at any time. Her attitude was always joyful, helpful and happy. I was very blessed to have worked for her and now consider her a great friend!

Ronnie Spellman

Thank you so much for spending time with the Liberty Source Leadership Team earlier today. You were phenomenal!

Tina Williams
Entrepreneur, TripBound

Shelley has served as my business Consultant on and off for the last couple of years. With absolute conviction I can say that she played a key role in reshaping my multi-million dollar business into one that is more profitable, more joyful, and more sustainable. She provided insight, value and "aha moments" during every session, regardless of the topic or challenge at hand. I am eternally grateful for having her support me throughout those legs of the entrepreneur journey. I would add that she can help save you a lot of time and headache in recruitment and training efforts through the use of her PI Index expertise. She's been right on each and every time! That's something every business owner should not go without!

CMU University
Sarah Spradlin