Helping leaders shape company culture through Inquiry, Awareness, Involvement, & Leadership Development.

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We are delighted that you’ve found your way here, because it means that you are one step closer to determining and handling the condition of your workplace. Whether you’re the CEO, the head of HR, or even a member of the marketing team, you have the power to change your company for the better.

We’ll say that again: YOU have the power to change your company for the better.

Shelley Smith founded Premier Rapport because she saw a need to fill. Businesses large and small, near and far, old and new, experience issues with stress, morale, turnover, retention, and more. These issues are manifestation of deeper, systemic problems, which Shelley and her team have plenty of experience exploring and repairing.

Premier Rapport is proud to offer a multitude of services to help improve your workplace environment for everyday employees, their supervisors, and top-level management:

  • Cultural Inquiry: We assess your company culture and help you guide and shape it until it matches your vision
  • Predictive Hiring: We conduct behavioral and cognitive assessments to help you find and hire the perfect candidate for the job
  • Keynote Speaking: When you need a speaker for an event, or coaching before your own speaking event, we can help
  • Leadership Training & Development: Get the full curriculum, fully customized, when you call us for training
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Shelley has guided 58+ companies with thousands of employees to analyze, curate, and create better company cultures. This includes starting with attracting and hiring, onto on-boarding, retaining, and creating fully engaged and high performing teams.

Her extensive business knowledge stems from her decades of executive experience; in addition she is certified from the Cornell Business School of NY and acts as a senior consultant of Predictive Index and PIMidlantic, as well as Social Science Leader at Mission 6 Zero and strategic partner with reCallibrate Today.

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“At its very core, Premier Rapport is all about connection."

-Shelley Smith

Premier Rapport serves companies of all sizes with overall leadership, executive coaching, organizational design and development, talent development, behavioral assessments including The Predictive Index, and much more.

Shelley is the co-author of "Brass Ovaries: Own Yours." In the book Shelley focuses on teaching professional women to Master the Mindset & Change the Game.

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Mission Statement

Premier Rapport works to help leaders cultivate company culture through thoughtful and strategic growth. We focus on cultural inquiry, talent & leadership development, and employee engagement.

We are committed to providing cultural guidance, consulting advice, leadership development, and long-term solutions to help you surpass your goals.

Our programs are customized to each of our clients, ensuring that we address your most critical development needs as well as craft a plan for future growth.

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  • Authentic: We genuinely want to help you and your business improve and grow.
  • Effective: We are confident in our methods because they're proven to work.
  • Efficient: We get results, and we get them fast, accurately, and strategically.
  • Resourceful: We work with what we’ve got to build something totally new.


  • We are Advisors.

    We work through problems with our clients, providing suggestions and guidance to lead the way to long-lasting solutions.

  • We are Influencers.

    Our reach is far, and our network wide. Remember the name Shelley Smith—you’ll be hearing it alot in the future.

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