Why should you join the club?

That answer is simple if you have undesired turnover, or trying to attract and retain the best talent through a shared purpose. Are you trying to unite employees with clear and differentiated values, behaviors and actions? What about accountability and trust; are those defined and solid in your company? It doesn't matter if you are the founder, a part of the C-suite, executive team, or somewhere in the middle or beginning - what does matter is your culture and you know it or you wouldn't have landed on this page. This can be you or you can designate a proxy, a champion thus the Curator.

There are many ways to get started - becoming a member is one of them.

So, Welcome To The Club

Benefit #1 Culture Curator Constant

The first (and perhaps CORE) benefit of joining Culture Curators is that you’ll either identify yourself OR someone else as your designated proxy to assess and affect your company culture. Just taking this first step in membership will be a giant step forward in keeping a consistent eye on culture.... Together, we will not just maintain all the work we’ve already done but extend it.... to consistently move your culture forward in the right direction.

You know that culture isn’t built in a day. It’s built every day. So as much as I love my time on site with you guys and as valuable as that time is, the benefit it will be greatly expanded by the consistent focus that culture curator membership gives. The first corporate membership of its kind, Culture Curators in Conversation Membership delivers:

  • CULTURE CHALLENGES: On the first Monday (non-holiday) of each month I will ask you — or your appointed culture curator — a question, give them a challenge to focus on. We will make it applicable – it will be a brief challenge that they will work on for 2 weeks. Over the course of a year, these challenges add up to a full and evolving Culture Playbook, which can be used to further evolve your culture, attract top talent and even market your company for increased market share.
  • BOOKS FOR COURAGEOUS LEADERS: An E-Workbook series created to expand your mind, your leaders and overall impact on workplace culture. Each book takes you through a specific topic as well as thought provoking activities to further develop your profession. It's called brain food.
  • DIRECT FEEDBACK: The first Monday of week 3, members will email me a summary from that month’s challenge. Based on the summary they provide, I will email back or we will hop on a call because it is just that important to talk through, walk through, action through, applicability through next steps.
    Remember working with me as your unbiased person, your unbiased lens to keep you and your proxies focused on those things important inside of your culture.
  • CONSISTENT SHIFTS CULTURE: We will work together to ensure we are inching your culture goals forward month by month and also.... aren’t allowing moles hills to grow into mountains.
  • ANNUAL VALUE: Culture Playbook - defining what RIGHT looks like, sounds like, shows up like. Behavior alignment to your Mission, Vision, Value and Culture Statements. Alignment from job creation, attracting, interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, training development, continued succession planning and more.

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Immediate Access to ...
  • Turnover Calculator helps you determine the financial toll that turnover is taking on your company. Time spent distributing job listings, interviewing candidates, hiring, onboarding, and training new employees—it all adds up.
  • ROI Calculator quantifies the financial cost of disengagement. When employees are not trained, treated with respect, given clear expectations/goals, or excluded from key decisions, they disengage.
  • How to Avoid Culture Big Fat Failures (BFF) is Shelley’s latest book.
  • Employer Tip Sheets contain a plethora of information for leadership & management.
Daily & Weekly Benefits …
  • Culture Curator's Private Facebook Group is always open, 24/7. Gain access the the community for real-time networking, group discussions, and constructive guidance. Join the community and hack your culture, while making valuable connections.
  • Career Coaching by Kaila Kea includes personalized strategies for success, as well as numerous guides, workbooks, and resources.
  • New & Innovative Resources available to you as a member include strategy & tips sheets, how tos, new apps, recent articles, advanced tools, day-to-day communication with Shelley, Business Hour videos, and even more.
Monthly Value …
  • Monthly Webinars feature topics from Shelley’s professional escapades as she travels for keynote speaking events, culture inquiries, predictive index consultations, teambuilding exercises, networking events, corporate expos, and so much more.
  • Featured call-in-days give you a chance to ask Shelley your questions one-on-one, via phone, Facetime, or Google Hangout.
  • Shelley’s Video Library is full-to-bursting with general advice, specific tips, leadership observations, and so much more. Keep up with Shelley, and keep on the path to success.

Company Culture Curators

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Why Join Shelley's Culture Curators?

Do you desire an increase in workplace profits, employee retention, employee engagement, company culture, and overall satisfaction?

Not just for HR professionals and corporate leadership; Shelley also helps small business owners who are struggling to balance it all and need a strategic partner.

Join the conversation with the Culture Curators, and learn how to shape the culture you’ve always envisioned.

Trust Shelley Smith & Premier Rapport to guide you down the path to success, culture, and profitability.

Regardless of industry, title, or company size, the Culture Curators can provide you with the resources, training, and tools you need to improve your existing corporate culture, expand connections.

Join the Culture Curators, and when you become a member you’ll know you’re doing the best possible thing for your company, your employees, and your future.

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The Problem
  • Change is hard to initiate, even harder to maintain
  • Leadership & Management are not always ready to be reined in
  • As the lone voice advocating change, it can feel like you have no support
  • Standing your ground is difficult when it could mean losing your job
  • Caring about the company more than management feels like a curse
  • Fires break out daily and everything is always an emergency
  • Negative cycles keep repeating & frustration is reaching a boiling point
  • Employee engagement & morale are decreasing while turnover is increasing
The Solution
  • Create a workplace culture which promotes hard work, teamwork, accountability
  • Align company, mission, goals, staff, and leadership—and stick to it
  • Discover, create, curate, and maintain momentum (culture, hiring, etc.)
  • Prevent unnecessary, frequent, & costly turnover
  • Create an environment conducive to focus, teamwork, and growth
  • Take back control from the ongoing firestorm of chaos, and tame it with calm, productive, accountability
  • Reallocate funding previously wasted on employee turnover into employee retention & succession planning for the future

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you get...

  Annual Subscription
$1297 / Year
Culture Curator - Montly Constant  
Turnover Calculator  
ROI Calculator (white paper with step by step actions)  
Book – How to Avoid Culture Big Fat Failures (BFF)  
Access to video library  
Employer Tip Sheets  
Q&A via FB Private Group – Always Open, Always Live  
Daily Online networking with your other Culture Hackers  
Online networking with your other Culture Hackers  
Monthly recorded webinars to resources  
Featured call in day (30 minute 1 on 1 via phone, facetime, google hangout)  
Ongoing – resources shared (app finds, articles, tools)  
Career Coaching by Kaila Kea for Employers  

Focus on Company Culture & Reap the Benefits

  • Reduce turnover, increase retention, improve morale
  • Shift funds to succession planning, executive training, leadership development
  • Improve work/life balance & reduce stress in personal & professional life
  • See, feel, and live your expectations from your initial interview at the company
  • Create the impact you envisioned
  • See, value, & hear others and be seen, valued, & heard by others
  • Enjoy your job again!

I am always impressed by the understanding that Shelley has of our culture and the leadership/development needs throughout our organization. Shelley is very quick to connect and offer processes that assist in our strategy development as we continue to move our talent management programs forward.” – Ken Kovach, SVP of HR B. F. Saul Companies & Affiliates.

Ken Kovach SVP of HR, B.F. Saul Companies & Saul Center Inc.

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