People Practices: 4 Key ROI Areas of Focus in Human Resources

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4 Key ROI Areas of Focus

Human Resources is typically brought into a company with the intent of bringing standards into an organization. Getting to the real “people” side is another thing. If it is implemented right, it will yield high returns in the life cycle of each employee. You can truly ROI everything including your Human Resource Department’s outputs.


Here are 4 milestones and a high-level checklist for proper implementation. The goal and the return on the investment resides within your turnover, retention, production and your Employee Lifetime Value (ELTV). When they start, to fully contributing, to their decision to leave,  and until their last day.

1. Hiring (Right Person, Right Job, Right Company, Right Culture)

  1. Understanding the job expectations
  2. Gain agreement from 3 to 5 shareholders on the expectations and needed motivational drives.
    1. Hiring Manager
    2. Training Manager or employee
    3. Immediate Supervisor
    4. Second level stakeholder
    5. Employee successfully living the job now
  3. Job postings include the job expectations and motivational drives needed
  4. Using tools such as Predictive Index Behavioral and Cognitive assessments to confirm job alignment prior to beginning the interview process
  5. Proper behavioral interview questions to confirm or investigate needed job profile to individual behavioral fits and gaps based on assessments

2. Onboarding

      1. Development of not only the paperwork needs but the people motivational needs
      2. Onboarding days and weeks are aligned with the person’s individual behavioral motivations
      3. Clarify of job expectations and ongoing feedback, starting day one
      4. Integration into company culture expectations and boundaries of accountability and respect

3. Development

      1. Development of both soft and hard skills, clear paths by position
      2. Mentor programs
      3. Entry, Mid and Executive Leadership programs ongoing
      4. Reward and recognition

4. Culture

    1. Clarity of norms
    2. Clarity of boundaries
    3. Ensure accountability
    4. Analyze, Develop, Design, Implement and Evaluate on an ongoing basis and pivot as needed
    5. Go beyond core, consistent alignment with company vision, mission, values to those of individual contributors


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