8 Strategic Company Culture Habits

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Almost every article is talking about improving a company’s culture. There are many facets of a culture. Successful cultures have leaders that maintain daily habits and mindsets which involve their team at all levels in order to reach and maintain the workplace environment they envision and desire. Below are eight strategic company culture habits you can add to your daily routines and activities.

8 Mindsets & Habits

1. Anticipate

Typically most focus on the past, the now and in the near future. Many leaders lack peripheral vision. Be intentional and take a wide view when it comes to the needs of your current staff and those to fill the gaps in the future. Motivational needs differ depending on the natural and predictable behaviors of your team and those of the company to drive the desired outcomes.

2. Think Critically

Question everything. Get to why the environment is working or isn’t working. Don’t get trapped in fads or a herd-like belief. Reframe problems to get to the bottom of things, in terms of root causes.

3. Interpret

Track and analyze outcomes. You can’t create if you haven’t yet measured and analyzed data. What does it mean, how do you make it all tangible?

4. Decide

Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. Frame your decision to the crux of the matter. Balance your decision with speed, rigor, quality, and agility.

5. Align

Build trust, engage and involve members at all levels. Align individual and the organizations’ core values to the company’s mission and vision.

6. Involve

Involvement daily is a must at all levels. Seeking input does not mean freeze yourself in collaboration, but you do need to create buy-in to move forward with speed and the necessary agility.

7. Learn

Give and get feedback. Understand why success and failures are happening. Be open-minded to the possible unique solutions from others.

8. Pivot

Shift quickly when you realize your off track.



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