Are Your Hiring Practices Old School?

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In today’s fast paced – high impact – high stakes world, is your hiring keeping up with the times? Are you using the best tips and resources out there to:

  • Hire the best?
  • Retain and engage your entire team (AND making them feel INCLUDED)?
  • Develop your teams?
  • Discover hidden talent?
  • End sales slumps?

Read more on how to increase your organization’s ability and hiring performance, which means higher returns.

Predictive Index Blog written by Drew Fortin (read more)

Did you know that you can increase your odds of making a successful hire by 23% when you incorporate a behavioral assessment into your hiring process? Similarly, if you use a cognitive assessment in conjunction with structured interviews, you can increase your predictive rate to 27%. But check this out: Add all three together – behavioral and cognitive assessments, along with a structured interview – and you increase your ability to predict workplace performance by 51%.

For more information on Predictive Index and Premier Rapport’s services, contact Shelley Smith at, or by phone at (757) 897-8644.

We partner with our clients to select, design, and connect effective, efficient, and timely solutions that increase returns by focusing on their human capital inclusion.

Our team does this through strategic meetings, talent development workshops, and the use of behavioral and cognitive assessments called The Predictive Index.

We connect owners and senior executives to their day-to-day strategies and operations by effectively motivating their human capital and creating a culture of inclusion. Our staff of qualified professionals have decades of combined practical, educational, and life experiences to dive head-on into today’s toughest business decisions by uncovering opportunities and providing quick and effective tactical solutions.

Our ideal clients include:

  1. Medium to large companies with several working parts, departments, and divisions that understand the win in outsourcing, and budgets accordingly in order to hire the best, retain and engage, develop teams, discover talent, and end sales slumps.
  2. Small businesses that seek group educational workshop series with liked-minded owners and business developers so they can gather personal and professional business education to get focused, remained focus, and drive their businesses with full intentions and clarity. Workshops center on business model generation and more.

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