Week 2 – Ask a Business Coach: Freelancer Q&A

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Week 2 Ask a Business Coach for Freelancers:

Q: How do I know when a potential client is a good fit for me?



A:  The key here is to know exactly what your specialties are. Don’t look at every offer or potential client as good fits¾they’re not. You can’t be all things to all people

If you wear a size 8 shoe, don’t try to cram your foot into a 7 ½. The same is true with potential clients. Use questions to determine if the client is a good fit for you and if you will be comfortable working with them. Clarify what the client is looking for. What are the issues? What’s the goal? Who have they worked with in the past? What worked? What didn’t?

If the conversation doesn’t excite you, think twice about taking on the project. Strive to be an expert at what you love to do and what you do best. When you are clear about your expertise, your uniqueness becomes clear, too. When a new client is a fit, go with it and seal the deal. But, when it isn’t, pull up your list of contacts and give a referral. Be the person of connections, versus stretching into things you are just OK with. That’s a win all across the board, for the client, your colleague, and you.

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