Employee Engagement On Point

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Envision Company Culture


Employee Engagement is more likely to happen when the Company’s Culture and Workplace Environment is on point. On point to what you have envisioned. With employees who are aligned with the company vision, mission, and values.


Employee Engagement can be simpler if you start with clear intentions, measurements you expect, define, track and measure your processes, hold self and others accountable, collaborate (employee involvement), and detail out tasks, time-frames, milestones and reward appropriately. You, the team, the organization, and your customers will always win with the right I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership. The same is true when you need to realign, adjust, pivot to new visions, changes in your market, or needs of your previously designed culture.


Behaviors Aligned


The ongoing behaviors of each team member will and do impact everything about the culture itself. Your culture can’t be on point if you don’t know what your culture needs behaviorally to be successful. Here are some on-point reminders.

Culture Matters

  • On point when you know what behaviors the environment requires.
  • On point when you hire those behaviors.
  • On point when you motivate to those behaviors.
  • On point when your employees are involved at all levels, with all systems, all processes, all accountability, all changes, all pivots, all decisions…apart of and included.
  • On point when you onboard to those behaviors.
  • On point when your communication and project management embraces and is designed by and to include those behaviors.
  • On point when your training and development is around those behaviors.
  • On point when you reward those behaviors.
  • On point when you hold those behaviors accountable through all measures.
  • On point when you track, inspect, and expect returns for your team, your board, your executives, and your customers.


My name is Shelley Smith, your culture curator. A company’s culture can make or break the long-term success and overall profitability. Your employees must be aligned with your mission, vision, and values. Their behavioral needs must be congruent with the needs of your culture and motivated to those needs daily. If you would like to know more about this process of inquiry please contact me directly at Shelley@PremierRapport.com or visit me on my websites to learn more www.ShelleyDSmith.com and www.PremierRapport.com. The doors to Culture Curations Membership is opening soon. Join me and other Culture Curators in Conservation.