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What makes a successful leader? Synonyms include “guide,” “direct,” and “shepherd.” The common theme of these words is the light touch; nowhere does it say “control.”

Yet that’s what so many people in leadership or management positions seem to be grasping at. Studies have shown that leaders who rate higher on the emotional intelligence scale perform better, receiving the approval and loyalty of their coworkers. This is no coincidence.

A good leader relates to his or her comrades—and not just the higher ups. It is critical that those in places of power demonstrate to subordinates that they are valued and respected. This is the sort of leader who communicates clearly and gives as well as inspires compassion. Employees will work harder to support a supervisor who supports them.

How Can Busy Executives Learn Such Skills?

That’s what I do! Premier Rapport offers effective leadership coaching for senior executives looking to improve performance and morale. Here is a quick peek at our process:

  • Discover
    • First we must identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Debrief
    • Next we work on improving communication, camaraderie, and teamwork.
  • Develop
    • Then we’ll create a strategic action plan to start making changes.
    • Note: Defensiveness, denial, etc. will be considered additional data for your action plan, and used by your Premier Rapport coach to motivate growth.
  • Deliver
    • This is your time to shine! Take what you’ve learned and practice it every day. We’ll develop a timeline with specific objectives and milestones, because we’ve observed that without firm dates for completion, everyone tends to put off practicing difficult new behaviors.
    • Note: You’ll be responsible for tracking your successes, failures, and stumbles, along with any other roadblocks or speedbumps you encounter.
  • Drive it home!
    • Practice makes perfect, and so does accountability. Periodic check-ins with your Premier Rapport coach are crucial for long-lasting results. You’ll report back to your coach and together, the two of you will review your progress. Reassessment and refinement become an ongoing process in your quest for personal excellence.

Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight, and professional growth is the same. Combine the two, and become a better person, leader, and coworker. Increase efficiency, decrease turnover, and boost office morale, with executive coaching with Shelley Smith at Premier Rapport.

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