Leadership: It IS the little things

Shelley SmithBlog, Workplace Culture

Never underestimate the little things; they are what culminate to the big things that are felt, seen, heard, and experienced in our workplace culture.

The little things are what we say and do in our emails. They are the words we say- or don’t say- on a Zoom call. They are the messages we send when we turn on our video; and what message is sent when we turn off our video.

It is in the little ways that we follow up when we know someone is asking for help without directly asking for help. It is in the little ways we decide to communicate; and when, how, and with whom.

The little things are the subtle or not so subtle things that, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent, add up to the summation of impressions.

Workplace Culture - Leadership meeting with employees

The Little Things Add Up to Big Things

I invite you to think about the little things; the things that pull you forward through your day, or the things that are pulling you back. What are things you really like in others that maybe you’ve never shared with them? What are the things that really throw you and your team off task, but you haven’t taken the time to communicate?

The importance of the little things is what really adds up to the big things for you and your people. Something as simple as answering emails – or not answering emails- can leave impressions. What are the expectations around the time frame on response to emails; what does that look like for your team?

Little things can mean many things. They are the ways we in which we introduce ourselves for the first time, and the impression we leave when we introduce ourselves every time. It is in the strength, the courage, or the mild meekness that leads to that which we make assumptions about. It is what lies in our heart and soul or what really frustrates us.

The Little Things Build Workplace Culture

All the little things are what truly build our workplace culture. They are woven into the words, the definitions of how you and your people describe the culture. They create the ways in which you describe how it feels inside this environment and the ways in which you and others are showing up – committed or not committed.

The little things are what create the ways in which we talk, how we express ourselves or how we shut down. It is the ways we decision-make or way in which we freeze.

The little things culminate to create the ways in which you and others do things. They build the fabric of the environment.

So, ask yourself- how would you and others describe the workplace culture? Are you making sure that you are doing the right little things? Today, take the courage and do the work and make those strong reflections so that you can move forward and tweak the little things that matter.

Workplace culture isn’t built in a day; it’s built everyday through all those little things.