No Resolutions!

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Really? Do you need a resolution for the upcoming New Year?  Come on you got this. You know already what you need to do. Still though like any good manager of time, project, and goals you have ideas for improvement. I find it to be true of myself. I assess the year in micro review, what could I have done better? Who could I have communicated better ideas with more concise thoughts? Where did I waste time? How did I hurt people’s feelings?  Basically, what have I done to improve the workplace or take it off track? Did my own ego not allow me to listen? Did my preconceived ideas not allow me to see things from other people’s eyes and viewpoints?  What I need to do is very simple and if you can take any piece of NO RESOLUTIONS allowed here, it this: Live in the moment.


Yes, of course, have goals. Yes, of course, finish projects on time with realistic expectations. Yes value each other and approach each person with the respect they deserve to reach their full potential. But live in the moment of those small strides in the workplace that make our everyday interactions. Take a breath before you open that door to work, to opportunity, to work with new and established co-workers. With no resolutions of preconceived ideas but a firm knowledge of making the workplace culture vibrant, new and effective. It’s hard! But with an approach of new found discovery to each day and project, step back for a brief moment.

I use greenhouses in some of my culture fit analogies. Look, listen, learn till the greenhouse reaches the right temperature to instill that each organism is thriving. Now. Look at each person you interact with new fervor. Listen in the same way you would like to be listened to and motivate them the way they need to be motivated. Learn about each person you interact with daily and they learn about you. NO RESOLUTIONS! Live in the moment of the day and discovery. You know this one thing already: The New Year is coming, what will do with that knowledge?


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