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[svp][/svp] Employee engagement is on every company’s mind, but why should executives and owners care about employee engagement? Read this short e-book to gain insight, as well as tips to get

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[svp][/svp] When is the last time you took a long hard look at your time spent and expenditures? Equating revenue to your final return is a must-do for all business developers

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[svp][/svp] Are you looking to build your business? Do you attend networking groups? How about trade shows? Do you spend your time and efforts on marketing? Probably. Yet have you

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[svp][/svp] Workplace wellness is on everyone’s mind. Where does your company rank? Have you reached out to Jim White Workplace Wellness and or Premier Rapport to see how they can

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[svp][/svp] Do you already feel successful and at the top of your game? Watch this short video as Shelley Smith, owner of Premier Rapport, discusses how to address this question.

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[svp][/svp] Does your team see you as a leader? Listen to this short video from Shelley Smith, Founder and CEO of Premier Rapport, to find out more.

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It was a dark day at the corporate headquarters. I walked into my client’s office and sensed despair. “The employee survey results are in,” he said glumly. “Engagement is really