Peak Performance – Workplace Culture

Shelley SmithWorkplace Culture

The funny things you see on social media posts…

I was scrolling through LinkedIn recently and saw the headline “Culture isn’t about ping pong tables and snacks…it’s about creating a new sense of purpose; drive and peak performance in every member of your team.”

I paused. Yes; and no.

Ping pong tables and snacks clearly don’t encompass true culture. What followed in their paid post was their idea of how to create purpose, culture, drive and peak performance in every member of your team… (wait for it….) is with a free group strategy session with one of Tony Robbins top trainers.

Not Tony but his trainers, his top trainers.

Seriously? I laughed out loud; as I hope you are right now. Their claim that this “100% free, no strings attached” virtual training gives teams the tools and strategies they need to skyrocket performance and produce next level results and is an “absolute must” if you want to win in the economy.

I’ll be candid, back in the day (yes, I am revealing my age here) I admit I purchased a set of Tony Robbins tapes for the fact that he was known for- that “kick in the butt” motivational speaking…but, let’s get real for a minute.

I need to deliberately and intentionally call this out; and enjoy the humor in this and hope that you join me.

Jumping on a free virtual training that guarantees to “skyrocket performance” is not the way you create your culture. You have heard me say this time and time again; culture is not built in a day, it’s built every day.

Building Culture Begins with One Step

The true building of culture is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who truly put faith and belief in leveling up. It can be done easy; if you take each step one step at a time; build on it, show up consistently and intentionally around those clearly defined values that align to your mission, vision and that almighty culture statement.

Listen; if the thought of shifting your workplace culture is too daunting or the task of dealing with the toxicity or dysfunction is too overwhelming; I hear you.

If all you see is that tall staircase in front of you, if all you focus on is how difficult it is too climb- than you are losing site of the journey and progress of each step forward.

It starts by taking one intentional step at a time. When you take the steps, commit to the daily actions towards true, authentic progress; that is when you begin creating the culture you want to see in your business and in your people.

Step into a Better Workplace Culture

This is one of the reasons why I started Your Morning Commute Podcast; to give you the small steps and pieces to think about and process each and every day so you can take each step that moves you closer to that top step and experiencing that growth and vision. You do the daily work so that you are living and breathing that culture you set out to achieve. It takes time and time is not free, but time will spent that provides a return.

There is no magic wand free training. I wouldn’t take that route. What you do need to do is ask yourself: How are you willing to show up on the daily? What are your core values and are they aligned with your words and actions? What deliberate and intentional actions have you taken today to move you and your team closer to your vision of culture into your living culture.

For example – If your goal is collaboration; where and when have you shown up to collaborate? If your goal is innovation; what ideas have you started taking initiative on? Are you living the ideas that are surfacing in your team? How are you being deliberate and protecting boundaries and core values? Are you committing to the actions that impact the essence of the experience you feel inside of a workplace culture and inside those very walls that you’re working in every single day?

Don’t buy into the belief that a free motivational training will get you and your team there. Trust in the daily commitment to invest in each step. The daily steps (Culture Playbook) are what get teams closer to the next level; to purpose and peak performance that is built by intention and action.