Plan for Success

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Succession Planning: the Last Will & Testament of a business.

Due to the complexities involved in managing such details, succession plans vary greatly from company to company, and are best left to an expert. What if your CEO, founder, president, or other key members of the company were incapacitated by a sudden tragedy? Your company will find itself facing some difficult questions.

Ask yourself:

Who will take over in the interim & long term? What will happen to …

  • Your company
  • Your family
  • You?

What’s the plan & are you taking steps to reach milestones? Keep reading.

Advantages of Succession Planning with Premier Rapport:

  • Employees, management, and the company as a whole benefit from the reassuring presence of a safety net.
  • Demonstrates to the employees a commitment to the business values & staff
  • Increase employee morale, engagement, & succession
  • Decrease employee turnover, general stress, and fear of the unknown
  • Reduced burden on staff
    • Management can retire with confidence
    • Employees can rest assured knowing that their future & that of the company has been considered.
    • Investors, sponsors, and business partners will recognize and appreciate your commitment to your company’s future.

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Ask Yourself: What, How, Why & What

What do you want?
Higher profits.

How will you get it?
Employee engagement.

Why does it work?
Invest in your people & they will repay you with loyalty, efficiency, productivity.

What are the results?
Better. Bottom. Lines.

Reach out to Shelley today to get started planning your successful future.

In the meantime, there are a few steps you can take to get started …

Develop Talent: Craft the following messaging and cultivate habits to match.

  • Core Mission
  • Core Vision
  • Core Competencies
  • Core Culture and Boundaries
  • Behavioral Alignment
  • Strong Workforce
    • Hire Right
    • On-board Right
    • Continued training and development
    • Engagement and Retention
  • Behavioral Tools: Predictive Index is hiring made smart.
    • What behavioral strengths do you hire for?
    • Are your executives leading with those strengths?
      • Are they motivating or demoralizing employees?
    • Are your job listings, ads, website, brand, and behavior all in alignment?
    • Are you motivating your team based on their natural individual behavioral needs?
  • Strong Culture of Accountability

Contact Shelley Smith at Premier Rapport when you’re ready to plan your future success.