ROI Everything: How to Quantify Human Resource Activities

Shelley SmithBlog, Leadership Development


This “Engagement ROI Calculator” reveals How To Quantify What Disengaged Employees Are Actually Costing Your Organization and what to do about it so you can stop losing star employees to companies who dangle a larger paycheck in their face.

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This is for the CHRO who’s expected to deliver HR services better, faster and cheaper… and wants to begin learning A New Way to Measure The Return on Employee Engagement to Justify Your Spending So You Can Create A Company Culture That Aligns With CFO Expectations.

This is for the business owner who believes in adding value to your organization, and you believe values like collaboration, encouragement, leadership development, trust ,  and innovation…are some of the cornerstones to successfully attracting and retaining top talent going forward.

And it’s for the executive who wants to preserve their position, the person who wants more ownership and influence, and more importantly to contribute at the highest level possible to an organization and be recognized as a valued strategic partner.

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