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Shelley SmithExecutive Coaching, Leadership Development

When you really think about it, Hiring is the root of all—Period.

Without human resources your company would be empty, yet we treat this crucial element of business as a chore, an inconvenience, an expense. We relegate HR to the back corner of the office, where nobody pays it any attention … until employee turnover skyrockets and employee talent retention plummets.

When that happens it is seldom the fault of human resources, and more often a symptom of a poor hiring process—with perhaps a dash of broken culture. So what’s a CEO to do?

Invest in a professional and efficient method of recruiting and retaining talented employees, with Premier Rapport. We offer multiple methods to improve your workplace productivity.

Take a look to determine which is right for your company and employees, and keep in mind that membership to our Culture Curators gets you a discount on all our services! Membership for individuals or your entire company cost less than admission to your average industry conference. 

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Predictive Index® Behavioral & Cognitive Assessments

The impact of hiring employees who naturally enjoy the work being done is immeasurable, and yet tangible in every imaginable way. Decreased turnover, increased employee retention, and improved morale will have your office feeling like a whole new workplace.

  • 94% of Best-In-Class companies prefer to hire using the PI®
  • 80% of employee turnover is caused by poor hiring decisions
  • 36% of companies reported that poor hiring affected overall office morale negatively

Gain insight to each individual’s personality, motivation, and strengths so that you can help them succeed, respectively helping the company succeed.

We’re all more effective when we’re doing a job we’re naturally good at or enjoy, and with this talent assessment you don’t just have to hire a resume—you can hire an entire person who is wholeheartedly suited to the job and the company.

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There is no point administering talent assessments if your current employees are leaving in droves. Hiring talent into a toxic workplace won’t fix the problem, only a culture hacker can do that …

Culture Inquiry

Just as the Predictive Index encourages hiring the person, not the skills on paper, a culture inquiry advocates a workplace of people, not jobs. Many obstacles prevent CEOs, Presidents, Executives, and other leadership from owning, shaping, and sometimes even seeing their own company culture. Learn how to overcome these challenges and peek behind the curtain at what’s really going on.

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If you’re convinced there’s something wrong with your company, you’re probably right. But you must be prepared to accept some hard truths in order for a culture inquiry to work.

Always remember that culture issues are not failures, they’re opportunities for improvement …

I.M.P.A.C.T. Leadership™

This innovative leadership development tool brings it all home by uniting the hiring process, recruiting employees, retaining talent, defining company culture, and developing leadership skills for executives and higher-ups.

We’ll give you a taste by explaining the meaning of the first letter: Intent.

Intentions are where we aim. More than a goal, intentions define the Why at the heart of it all. Clearly define goals that align with your intentions, then follow through.

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Just as culture is always shifting, changing, and growing, so must our personal and professional development. Never stop striving for improvement, and always remember that employees are people too.

Hiring is the root of it, but the root of hiring is People.

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