Why Employee Engagement Is Critical Now

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(Excerpt – This is part 2 of an interview on Impact Teams Radio)

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In this episode of Impact Teams Radio, Tony talks to a returning guest Shelley Smith – Executive Leadership Coach and Founder of Premier Rapport – a company that focuses on overall leadership, executive coaching, organizational development, behavioral assessments like the Predictive Index, and corporate wellness. Shelley talks about why employee engagement is important and why it is critical now.

Shelley explains that employee engagement in today’s economy is a bit different. It’s because people tend to job hop and only stay in their current job for 2 to 5 years, or until a better job or opportunity comes along. This causes employee engagement and the value of an individual in a team to be heightened tremendously. Thus, it is important to set rewards and benefits that are aligned with the vision, mission, and goals of the company to motivate employees to interact and engage with their team and, in turn, become more productive members of the company.

Shelley stresses that employee development, career enhancements, and leadership development are what comprise a holistic approach to employee engagement. She says that when these things are done together, that’s when the whole cycle happens. It’s not just one person doing all the work, but the whole company together that makes a difference in improving employee engagement. Learn more about employee engagement in this episode of Impact Teams Radio.

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