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Each workbook in this series has been deliberately designed to provide courageous corporate leaders with easily applied actions that create intentional shifts in culture… in the literal pockets of time leaders can find each day.  As a corporate culture expert, I have stood beside thousands of corporate leaders as they dared to shift their corporate culture into something that not only made them proud, but also more profitable, more peaceful and more attractive to potential employees and / or shareholders.  This work — for me — began way before the term “culture” was a popular phrase in leadership, continued through the “dark ages” when many HR positions and functions went on the chopping block of the 2007-2008 recession, and persists to this day.   Over the years, I have learned that culture-changing leaders must embrace the following:

  • Real time course corrections — that make a real-world difference in your workplace culture— are possible and gain impact and momentum over time.
  • Corporate cultures are not built in a day; they are built EVERY day.
  • Recognizing and re-mediating common warning signs in your culture is key to avoiding big, embarrassing and costly situations.  (You can download my “12 Cautions” list to help identify any leaks you may have now, RIGHT HERE)
  • Without a “point person” who makes it their mission to assess, remediate and direct company culture, culture is left to develop on its own.  This is why each of our Culture Curator member companies FIRST identify the “culture curator” within their organization.  (For more information, “What IS a Culture Curator?” if you’d like to know what goes into embracing or assigning this important role in your company.)

Good Option: Courageous Leader; One book at a time $7.99

Better Option: Courageous Leader; Grab Volume One 19-books in the Culture, Leadership, Mindset Series $79.99

Great Option: Courageous Leader; Join the Master Class Volume One plus Instructional Videos $199.99

Best Value Option: Courageous Leader to Curate your Culture; Join Culture Curators in Conversation get everything above plus so much more $1297.00


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