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Media Release From: Shelley Smith (757) 897-8644   HAMPTON ROADS CONSULTING FIRM’S PROGRAM NAMED ONE OF WORLD’S TOP TEN CULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS Premier Rapport, Inc.’s Certified Professional Culture Curator

Shelley SmithExecutive Coaching, Leadership Development, Video Blog

LUNCH & LEARN: Join us with our special guest Shelley Smith as we discuss her top tips for transitioning service members. TOPIC: Tips for Transitioning Service Members MEET OUR

Shelley SmithBlog, Executive Coaching, Workplace Culture


Is your business experiencing any of these situations: turnover in an area, department role, or division, lack of engagement, inclusion, retention, hard to fill positions, quick growth, lack of growth,

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Executive Coaching

ATTN: The first 30 to sign up for Executive Coaching will receive a FREE Culture Curators membership! Sign Me Up Practice makes perfect | Always keep learning | Shoot for

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How to talk to employees

Are there whispered chats at your water cooler? Groups gathered in the hallways, only to disperse upon being approached? Have you been a part of, or the victim of, one

Shelley SmithBlog, Executive Coaching, Workplace Culture

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Every year around this time, Hampton Roads experiences a shake-up unlike any other. What is it & Who is it for? DisruptHR is an annual information exchange designed to energize,