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Media Release From: Shelley Smith (757) 897-8644   HAMPTON ROADS CONSULTING FIRM’S PROGRAM NAMED ONE OF WORLD’S TOP TEN CULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS Premier Rapport, Inc.’s Certified Professional Culture Curator

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You may have heard that you have to focus on workplace culture and strengthening employee engagement if you want to grow your business today. And I understand why you may

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Is your business experiencing any of these situations: turnover in an area, department role, or division, lack of engagement, inclusion, retention, hard to fill positions, quick growth, lack of growth,

Shelley SmithBlog, Workplace Culture

Here’s how to reach your goals by doing something every day, week, month and quarter to implement the change you want by the end of the year. 3 to the 5th

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Executive coaching is wonderful for a variety of reasons and is used to achieve a multitude of goals from meeting deadlines to retaining top talent. No matter how you slice