Unlock Your Team’s Potential

Improve team performance and reduce interpersonal conflict or behavioral issues, with Executive Coaching from the experts at Premier Rapport. Sports call them “teams” for a reason, and that reason is that each individual is stronger when unified, when working together towards a common goal or purpose.

Teamwork is the key to success

Collaborative teams who work well together actually elevate the entire organization by improving motivation, doubling effort, and increasing productivity. When employees like their coworkers, when there is little to no tension between employees, that’s when work flows are streamlined and projects start moving smoothly.

When one succeeds, we all succeed

Working together means more than reporting to the same building—it means helping, supporting, trying, failing, and persevering as a unit. Teamwork makes the dream work, quite literally. Your company is the major unifier, and has everything to gain from a harmonious internal environment.

Why Executive Coaching

Premier Rapport’s professional Executive Coaches work with you and your team to support learning, growth, and to help your company achieve its goals. Professionally, personally, and on a organizational scale, we can help determine what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it. Together we’ll explore, experiment, and learn new ways of working, thinking, doing, managing, and more.


Who Is a Good Candidate?
Teams, groups of high-potential leaders (8-15 participants)

What Is the Goal?
Work together as a unit to support one another & meet company objectives

Executive Coaching Description:
An experienced Executive Coach leads team as well as one-on-one coaching sessions for groups of 8-15 professionals:

  • Skill Building: Three half day sessions
  • Personalized Learning: Six 1-1 leadership coaching sessions
  • Peer Coaching: Three sessions for sustained learning and ongoing support

Measurable Results:
Executive team coaching brings the benefits of individual coaching to a group to:

  • Improve accountability: Weekly sessions reinforce learning and behavioral change. Group members hold one another accountable by practicing their skills outside of the sessions.
  • Build internal capacity: After the program ends, participants can provide peer coaching within your organization.
  • Increase efficiency: Improve employee performance onsite and avoid losing key staff to multi-day training events.
  • Create consistency: All group members learn the same skills and develop common language and tools.
  • Personalize improvementParticipants learn as a group and integrate the lessons on an individual level.
  • Reinforce learning: Group members apply the skills they learn each week to current issues.
  • See measurable results: We track successes over time, so your organization can see the return on its investment.