Should You Invest in a CULTURE INQUIRY?

Corporate Culture Matters

If you are sick of feeling like:

  • You don’t have time
  • You don’t have a budget
  • You don’t have support
  • Employees won’t change
  • Leadership won’t change
  • Others view your department as an expense
  • Frustrated with consistent turnover
  • Disappointed because you’re not retaining top performers
  • Irritated you aren’t attracting quality applicants
  • Undervalued, unappreciated and can’t make decisions to empower – and engage – your people
  • On the verge but can’t get over the hump
  • So disappointed because you’re not leading the company culture you envision, want & desire…

AND you have already done the training, the performance reviews, you have tools in place, you do surveys, you complete SMART goals, you do everything asked of you as a leader and more…

Well, it’s possible you’ve done all the right stuff, are using all the right tools, but your COMPANY CULTURE isn’t what it needs to be to get the most engagement out of your workforce.



I hear your frustration.   I will even acknowledge that I HAVE AND DO  sell those tools, those 360’s, those training classes, those assessments, that executive coaching that you’ve already tried and implemented with disappointing if not sickening results.

BUT what order are you doing them?

Why are you doing them?

How are you measuring what works and what doesn’t work?

Who is involved?

Is everyone on the same page?

And, have you considered the ENVIRONMENT you’re bringing these tools, strategies, and training INTO?

Maybe it’s not what you’ve bought, or what you’re buying… Maybe it’s your culture — the environment — that needs a bit more of your attention.



Company Culture success, happy companies start with an assessment called CULTURE INQUIRY. Why? Because you don’t buy a palm tree and plant it in Boston and get upset when it freezes. For a plant of any kind to flourish it must be set up in the right soil, the right spot in the right kind of pot or ground, the right amount of sunlight, shade, water, temperature, space – the right greenhouse for that plant, period.

Have you ever had a house plant that you couldn’t figure out are you watering it too much or too little and it keeps dying or looks sick all the time?

Well, that’s the same for our employees.  Do they need more management? less management? More training? Less coaching?

This is hard to figure out and they need all the elements, of the right greenhouse to flourish.

This environment, this greenhouse — into which you bring every employee, every initiative, every program, every training — That’s your culture.



The inquiry takes a wide view of your company’s greenhouse (culture). It measures your corporate temperature, your standard pressure, your “regular” pace, your volume, your noise, your leaks and then summarizes and strategize what’s next. It even includes all you have done in the past.  We want to salvage, reuse, repurpose all you have already invested at this point.

And we want to share with you what tools you NEED, what trainings you’ll most benefit from… even if you don’t bring us into do them.  We want to assess your culture, not only so you can see WHAT WILL WORK and WHY, but why other stuff you’ve invested in has fallen flat.

And we want to help you plan so you can build a culture YOU are proud to lead.


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If you don’t have the culture you want and envisioned; tired of trying and coming up short. I get it,

Put your passion into action, engage with me now for your CULTURE INQUIRY. Once the culture is set, the rest falls into place.


                            So are YOU Ready?  



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