Executive Coaching 101


In this fast paced highly competitive business environment theAsSeenOnHeadshot value of capitalizing on edge is obvious.

Executive coaching is “the” method to provide enduring results for executives who want to play at the top of their game.

Failure rates for senior executives have been pegged at up to 33%. More recent research shows that executives who are rated high on Interpersonal Effectiveness (Emotional Intelligence) outperform low rated executives by 15 – 20% on yearly revenue targets.

Here’s a list of Executive Coaching resources that might be of help to the interested.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Since I’ll be maintaining this list over time, please do send me a relevant link if you have one.

My primary Executive Coaching Services consist of  Consulting & Project Management, Keynote Speaking and Webinar Trainings. Follow the arrows below to find out how to become a Better Performing Executive.


Why Executive Coaching Works

   Why Executive Coaching Works

Why Executive Coaching Really Does Make You Successful

   Why Executive Coaching Really Does Make You Successful

What Is The Best Connection…Meetup?

    What Is The Best Connection…Meetup?

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