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CultureClub X Podcast: "How Can Leaders Prevent DEI Fallouts & Improve Sense of Belonging in an Organization." with Shelley Smith

How to improve company culture without starting from scratch: Experts weigh inHow to improve company culture without starting from scratch: Experts weigh inVitality Guest Culture Curation with Premier Rapport's Shelley Smith
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The founder and CEO of Premier Rapport, Shelley Smith. Culture Curator CPCC Smith, is a culture curator with an entrepreneurial spirit. Shelley explains why culture matters, what makes a work environment toxic, and the importance of alignment within a companies’ culture. Her knowledge is evident as she shares the various approaches to job seeking and what drives people to quit their jobs so easily in this day and time. Shelley emphasizes that people remain in toxic relationships and work environments because “We tolerate what we find acceptable.” Our conversation is just the beginning.

The Reputation Capital podcast is hosted by Kent Gustavson, PhD and Randy Baker.

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