What do you Need to know?

  • How to create the workplace culture you always envisioned or wanted to be a part of
  • How to discover it, uncover it, create it, curate it and maintain it
  • How to stop unnecessary, undesired turnover
  • How to create and focus on retention
  • How to take control of your day and stop the whirlwind from spinning you out of control
  • How to shift $$$$’s spent on turnover into retention and succession planning

The Truth is…

  • Change is hard
  • Stopping a runaway negative leader or organization is hard
  • Feeling that you have no support is hard
  • Fear of job loss for standing your ground is hard and feels real
  • Finding your voice is hard, then being heard can feel harder
  • Stopping daily fires can be hard (maybe, keep reading)
  • The list goes on (but only if you let it)

ALL of this Change can start with you. And we can guide you for just over $1 / Day.

If any of this is resonating with you, then something has to change, and help is on the way! We can help you (at a rate not even YOUR COMPANY will say NO to) change your entire approach to creating the culture you know is possible! We'll help you make a plan, turn that plan into action, and shift YOUR culture week-by-week in the right direction.


Culture Creators Annual Membership for HR Professionals and other Top Executives...the first of its kind group training and coaching platform designed to help you create small sustainable shifts - in real time, week to week - in your organization.

  • Where you are now (benchmark, starting point)
  • Where you want or need to go
  • How can you get there
  • Who should or could be involved
  • What change would be needed
  • What is the expense/cost/leak now – specific $$$ and/or time (time is $$ too, don’t be fooled)
  • What is the investment to fix
  • What is the timeframe to fix
  • What return is expected
  • When will you see the return
  • Who should or could be involved

Creating an ideal, productive culture can be simple...I will guide you...

Be on the Lookout for

  • Derailing or derailleurs – those negative nellies saying you are wasting your time and efforts. Saying no-one cares and you won’t gain the needed support.
  •  Fires can derail you. When they happen, stop and ask why (once the fire is out) Especially if the derailing fire is a reactive action to what you are now proactively focused on to fix

Stop Believing

  • Your co-works don’t care
  • Your boss doesn’t care
  • The board doesn’t care
  • You can’t make an impact
  • You won’t get support
  • You won’t get or find funding
  •  If everything is I can’t, I won’t then trust me you never will

Be warned

  • This won’t necessarily be an easy thing to get started or you would have already tackled it
  • There may be great days and rough days but keep your eye on the prize
  •  Others may try to keep you and your drive, focus and passion down


Why are you focused on your workplace culture?

  • You want to reduce turnover
  • You want to focus on the strategies, the sticky stuff, like succession planning, retention, training & development – the Company’s Culture – things Good to Great are made of
  • You want life balance, less stress
  • You want to enjoy your job again (or for the first time)
  • You want to see, feel, live -  what you were told in the interview about the organization and its culture
  • You want to make the impact you envisioned
  •  You want to be seen, valued, heard

What’s holding you back?


You (If you do nothing, you get nothing)

Benefits (10 get-to-it benefits + bonus)

  1. Immediately - Turnover Calculator (customized with an automated calculation within seconds to aid in building business cases)
  2. Immediately - ROI Calculator (white paper with step by step actions)
  3. Immediately - Book – How to Avoid Culture Big Fat Failures (BFF)
  4. Immediately – access to video library
  5. Daily Q&A via FB Private Group – always open, always live
  6. Daily - Online networking with your other Culture Hackers via FB Private Group
  7. Weekly FB live events that take a deeper dive into the prior week’s challenges (pains & gains)
  8. Monthly webinars to resources such as Predictive Index (can’t join live, no worries, we tape it and send you the link as long as you registered) (includes HRCI & SHRM credits)
  9. Monthly – call in day (30 minute 1 on 1 via phone, facetime, google hangout)
  10. Ongoing – resources shared (app finds, articles, tools)
  11. Bonus – member discounts Premier Rapport, Inc. services

Rules of Engagement

  1. One-time fee annually, paid up front $497
  2. Membership fee is setup per person, however if you desire a corporate membership, please reach out directly to further discuss Shelley@PremierRapport.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get a refund?

 A: No, your membership is billed annually, and no refunds for partial months or annual membership, including upgrading / downgrading of membership will be given. Once you’re in, you are all in. Become a member, take advantage of all of your member benefits, take action and I am confident you will never want to leave your new-found community of culture hackers turned culture curators.