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My Most Requested Topics


Employee Engagement

The economy is shifting and talent management isn’t what it used to be. Learn how to find and retain top performers.

Leadership Development

Sustainability as a mentor, teacher, or leader stems from the ability to work with what is provided, and plan ahead.


Delegation and Accountability

Smart hiring, predictive forecasting, and flexible planning yield a more sustainable work environment for everyone.


Succession Planning

Both employees and business benefit from future planning, knowing there is a plan in place for the future.


The Connection

When you connect with your passion and do what makes you happy every day, then you’ve found the Connection.


Change Management

The fast-pace of today’s business world is daunting, and adaptability is a necessary skill for leaders to develop.

Bring Leadership Development In-house


The demands on today’s executive leadership have accelerated. This means that present and future leaders must display readiness, shape opinion, and mobilize teams to deliver to new standards. Create your internal University Curriculum, and provide the necessary tools to develop your leaders of today and tomorrow.

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I am always impressed by the understanding that Shelley has of our culture and the leadership/development needs throughout our organization. Shelley is very quick to connect and offer processes that assist in our strategy development as we continue to move our talent management programs forward.

Ken KovachSVP of HR, B.F. Saul Companies & Saul Center Inc.

Shelley is a consummate professional with a practical and positive approach. I really appreciate her energy. She has been instrumental helping our team with several training and professional development initiatives, including Predictive Index and presentation skills. I would highly recommend her.

Jason JonesPresident, B.F. Saul Insurance

It is impossible to force someone to change, and inadvisable to try.

Far better is to foster the desire for personal growth, and provide a positive setting for it to grow into professional leadership development. That’s what we strive to promote at Premier Rapport.

Our founder & CEO Shelley Smith spent decades in top executive positions with such institutions as the Marriott Corporation, LTD Hospitality Group, & HMP Properties, as well as family-owned and operated businesses. Put her experience to work for you, with a leadership workshop from Premier Rapport.

Invest in your greatest asset: your people. Install supportive systems for your teams, which identify and channel each individual’s unique talents, skills, and motivations. Empower each employee as a leader responsible for themselves, their coworkers, and the company’s bottom line.

If this resonates with you and your company could benefit from this mentality, we urge you to read a few of our blogs, and to contact Shelley Smith with Premier Rapport.

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A Little About Me

Shelley D. Smith is a best-selling author, consultant, and Founder & CEO of Premier Rapport consulting firm, established in 2009.

Her experience over the past 35+ years has earned her a reputation as the Creator of the Culture Inquiry in businesses all along the east coast, and beyond. Her success stems from the strength of her personal approach, asking tough questions to hone in on pain points and areas of growth opportunity.

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