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Team coaching is one way to reach more leaders because it is cost-effective and improves team performance. Modern research on teams shows that collaborating in teams increases motivation, effort, and productivity. Harvard professor Richard Hackman says “…about half of the leading edge companies in this country now deploy most of their employees in self-organizing teams, many of them with remarkable results.” Teams bring together complementary skills that exceed those of any individual member and create synergy.

Teams are a necessary part of the work environment and having coaches for the teams results in dramatic outcomes as those teams realize their goals. The team coach’s job is to support the team to reach goals in a timely fashion while leaders on the team are developing their skills. The learnings are taken and applied back on the job to achieve team objectives and meet organizational goals.

To this end, during team coaching, the coach and team members are supporting one another through continuous feedback and modeling.


Teams, groups of high-potential leaders (8-15 participants)


Find a scalable, economical way to provide coaching to hi-potentials


A coach who understands demanding business environments leads a program which includes executive team coaching and 1-1 coaching sessions for cohort of 8-15. The leadership team development program is delivered over a three to six month time period and include:

  • Skill Building: Three half day sessions
  • Personalized Learning: Six 1-1 leadership coaching sessions
  • Peer Coaching: Three sessions for sustained learning and ongoing support


Executive team coaching brings the benefits of individual coaching to a group to:

  • Improve accountability—Weekly sessions reinforce learning and behavioral change. Group members hold one another accountable by practicing their skills outside of the sessions.
  • Build internal capacity—After the program ends, participants can provide peer coaching within your organization.
  • Increase efficiency—Improve employee performance onsite and avoid losing key staff to multi-day training events.
  • Create consistency—All group members learn the same skills and develop common language and tools.
  • Personalize improvementParticipants learn as a group and integrate the lessons on an individual level.
  • Reinforce learning—Group members apply the skills they learn each week to current issues.
  • See measurable results—We track successes over time, so your organization can see the return on its investment.
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