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People work with Premier Rapport because they remain authentic, effective, and productive. What that means is they remain honest, direct, and inspiring while challenge their clients. The benefits to their clients are they become more confident, focused, productive, and effective.

You can’t give anyone in your organization the desire to “get well” or to positively transform their leadership ability.  Your greatest return on investment, will come from installing supportive systems that quickly identify those sparks, and channel their desires to the long term benefits of both the individual leader and the company.

PREMIER RAPPORT offers Executive Leadership Coaching for individuals as well as group coaching programs and more. Creating the right Processes and hiring the right People with laser Focus are the key to Growth and Sustainability.

Audience: Executives and emerging leaders

Objective: Enhance leadership skills and gain new insights


Individual executive development and executive leadership coaching services provide personal learning, support and advice. Our four-step process ensures your time is spent effectively:

  1. Match—We select the right coach for you based on needs, experience, style, and pace.
  2. Assess—We define clear leadership goals and document them in an Agreement Letter.
  3. Coach—We meet with you once a week for six months for one hour of confidential, compelling, and action-oriented conversations. Every conversation ends with relevant leadership strategies, tools, skills, and practices for you to apply to your current issues.
  4. Evaluate—We collaborate with you to create Progress Reports describing your successes against the original goals and next steps.


Take your performance to the next level with executive leadership coaching:

  • Maximize time and stay focused with a series of “quick hit” executive development coaching sessions.
  • Sharpen existing leadership skills and develop new ones.
  • Get new strategies for becoming more productive and innovative.
  • See immediate results by practicing your new skills on current issues.

Address long-range strategic issues related to your business and your career. Fore more information, please call or fill out the form on the contact page.

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