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Symbiosis: A relationship in which each is dependent upon the other. Leadership cannot exist without delegation, and vice versa. A leader who refuses to delegate is not leading—he or she

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What makes a successful leader? Synonyms include “guide,” “direct,” and “shepherd.” The common theme of these words is the light touch; nowhere does it say “control.” Yet that’s what so

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[svp][/svp] When is the last time you took a long hard look at your time spent and expenditures? Equating revenue to your final return is a must-do for all business developers

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[svp][/svp] Do you already feel successful and at the top of your game? Watch this short video as Shelley Smith, owner of Premier Rapport, discusses how to address this question.

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[svp][/svp] Does your team see you as a leader? Listen to this short video from Shelley Smith, Founder and CEO of Premier Rapport, to find out more.

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You want success – of course you do, these first 7 reasons give you sufficient food for thought and motivate you to find the right coach for you so that you can have all the success that you can have. Just remember, you don’t need to change who you are, you just need to change what you do, and executive coaching will facilitate that change

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Failure rates for senior executives have been pegged at up to 33 percent. More recent research shows that executives who are rated high on Interpersonal Effectiveness (Emotional Intelligence) outperform low rated executives by 15 – 20% on yearly revenue targets. In this fast paced highly competitive business environment the value of capitalizing on that kind of edge is obvious. Executive coaching is “the” method to provide enduring results for executives who want to play at the top of their game.