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    1. How would you describe your company culture?

    Pro Tip: Good job! That doesn’t happen by accident, it’s your culture at work. You’ve managed to find the right people for the right seats, and apply the right style of leadership.
    Pro Tip: Understandable! When you’re ready to take the steps towards that improvement, we hope you’ll call Premier Rapport.
    Pro Tip: Uh-oh! It sounds like you need a culture consultant. Most morale and productivity issues stem from poor, weak, or inconsistent leadership.
    Pro Tip: That’s okay—it’s what this quiz is for. Keep clicking!

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    2. How is your company turnover?

    Pro Tip: That’s great! A sure sign of a quality workplace with strong leadership is low turnover. Keep it up.
    Pro Tip: Not bad! When you’re ready to level up, give us a call at Premier Rapport.
    Pro Tip: Uh-oh! High turnover is almost always a symptom of deeper, systematic issues within a company. You need an intervention.
    Pro Tip: That’s okay—if you see lots of new faces and coworkers are constantly leaving, you’ve got a problem.

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    3. How is employee engagement measured?

    Pro Tip: That’s amazing! Companies who value employees and strive for positive change tend to experience higher productivity.
    Pro Tip: If everything is functional, that’s great. But it sounds like you could improve your bottom line with just a little bit of coaching.
    Pro Tip: Uh-oh! When employees are left out of key decisions and feel that their input is not taken into consideration in meetings, etc. in can result in hurt, resentment, and low morale, which spreads quickly.
    Pro Tip: Not measuring is a great way to stay clueless! It sounds like you could use some help from a pro like Shelley Smith.

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    4. How involved are employees in day-to-day operations & decision-making?

    Pro Tip: Great job! The more involved employees are with decisions that directly affect them and their work, the more engaged they will be, ultimately enhancing productivity and profit for the company.
    Pro Tip: True! It sounds like you have an idea of where you’d like to be, but maybe need a little guidance on getting there. Call Shelley at Premier Rapport to find your way.
    Pro Tip: Uh-oh! When employees are kept at arm’s length and out of earshot they feel excluded—employees are people, too. Contact Premier Rapport to schedule your consultation.
    Pro Tip: Hm, sounds like employees are not very involved. Reach out to Shelley today and start rescuing your company culture.

    Final Question

    5. Would you recommend your company as a place to work?

    Pro Tip: That’s fantastic! It sounds like your company knows how to treat its employees.
    Pro Tip: Understandable. There’s always pros and cons to any workplace. When you’re ready for the pros to far outweigh the cons, get in touch with Shelley Smith.
    Pro Tip: Uh-oh! Although we can’t enjoy every minute of the workday, it should be a friendly, comfortable environment with work to which you are well-suited. When you’re ready to love where you work, call Shelley Smith.


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