7 Reasons Why You Should Create A Culture Playbook?

1. Attract and retain the best talent through shared purpose(s)

2. Unit employees and customers with clear and differentiated values, behaviors and actions

3. Identify the right behaviors and stop the wrong ones

4. Accountability becomes clear, when expectations around with RIGHT looks like is established

5. Create rituals that build belonging for everyone

6. Invoke your culture at every touchpoint

7. Go to market with strong workplace culture philosophies around hiring, selection, onboarding, training, development, and more

Go beyond theory and into practice with principles that not only fully design, but properly bake your culture your desired perfection that keeps serving it up hot on a daily basis. Fresh and consistent to your entire team – regardless of size. Culture is a connected system of components that, when designed with intent and operationalized, further creates an intentional and self-sustaining workforce.

Defining what RIGHT looks like, feels like, sounds like, shows up like – it is like a comfortable pair of jeans and your favorite shoes – so comfortable – you want to wear them every day


others ask, where you got them.

Process of creating your playbook

1. Come to the table with Mission, Vision, Values Don’t have them – that’s okay, let’s start right there.

2. Is your MVV aligned? - Let’s check and if not, make some pivots.

3. What is your culture statement? - Not sure, let’s start with a philosophy around one of your values (perhaps collaboration) or something like (how we train)

4. Page One of Your Playbook - Contains the philosophies you will add one at a time as you create them.

5. Go forward pages will…

  • Define your actionable values from your MVV itself to get you started.
  • You will do this by gathering statements, words, pictures, video (for your digital versions) from your team members
  • Create word clouds
  • Pluck out new themes that arise from your first round of descriptions around a word or statement ,like asking your employees to define: WHAT collaboration looks like inside their team; HOWdoes it show up? ; WHEN does it show up?; WHEN should it show up?; WHAT does it feel like when it doesn’t show up?; HOW does it impact the team when we DO or DON’T collaborate.

12 More Benefits from creating a playbook – one page at a time

1. It’s just like buying a new car…one you get it…all of a sudden you see it everywhere. Meaning once you focus on a word, a theme, a statement, further define it over a two week to 30-day period. Everyone now knows what it looks like. They know WHAT RIGHT around that word, that statement INSIDE their CULTURE is and more so isn’t. Then they guard it. Protect it.

2. Then they onboard others with greater INTENTION and ACCOUNTABILITY

3. Then your new hires feel the connection immediately – they belong, they are included

4. Then TRUST begins to form AND grow AND stay

5. Then RETENTION of the RIGHT people becomes a norm.

6. Meaning, turnover is on the decline

7. Profits on the rise

8. Stress goes down or even removed from everyone, all levels

9. You are focusing on increased revenue with your high performing team(s)

10. You now have several culture champions, not just one or none

11. Your team becomes the master of your culture domain

12. Your culture tool kit is continually designed, refined, and armed – allowing everyone inside the walls greater success

7 Key Components you can answer with a Culture Playbook with certainty and consistency

1. Purpose - why your organization exists beyond money.

2. Values – not just words but shared beliefs about what is most important in YOUR walls, YOUR team, YOUR department, YOUR division, YOUR company, YOUR franchise

3. Behaviors – choices made by employees, guides by purpose and values. What action looks like – what RIGHT looks like.

4. Recognition – what kind of programs do you need, want, desire that truly inspire culture-aligned behaviors.

5. Rituals – what kind of group activities should you build to strengthen relationships

6. Momentum – what kind of training is required, needed, desired that increase individual and team effectiveness, efficiencies, and desire for continued learning

7. Cues – what RIGHT looks like, reminders that keep your entire workforce connected to the future – fully focused – full intentions

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