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The New Vocabulary We’ve been learning a new vocabulary—often strange and frightening—over the past couple of months related to the COVID-19 pandemic. But is there a way to rethink these

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As you plan for re-entry… If you lived through the trauma of 9-11, you know that the way we do some things – such as travel – changed forever. The

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Media Release From: Shelley Smith (757) 897-8644   HAMPTON ROADS CONSULTING FIRM’S PROGRAM NAMED ONE OF WORLD’S TOP TEN CULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS Premier Rapport, Inc.’s Certified Professional Culture Curator

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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Great Workplace Culture “The subject of business culture can ignite a truly rousing discussion: there are companies with great cultures, companies with toxic cultures,

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LUNCH & LEARN: Join us with our special guest Shelley Smith as we discuss her top tips for transitioning service members. TOPIC: Tips for Transitioning Service Members MEET OUR

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You may have heard that you have to focus on workplace culture and strengthening employee engagement if you want to grow your business today. And I understand why you may

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Customer service departments of big companies engage with thousands of customers every day. Each interaction holds importance and the company can use it for their benefit. But the increasing number

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bad hires steal

Take a minute to let that thought simmer… Now, think of your favorite team sport. Perhaps your favorite team. Imagine you’re the owner, GM, coach, or talent scout and you